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15 Restaurants In Montreal You Can Eat At For $5, $10, And $20

Tacos, bao buns, burgers, and more!
15 Restaurants In Montreal You Can Eat At For  $5, $10, And $20

Guys, if anyone understands the struggle of eating out on a budget, it's me. Trust.

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I go out to eat very often, and honestly, I'd be seriously broke AF if I didn't figure out any tricks to save some money when it comes to dining in a Montreal restaurant. Alright, I'll be honest... I don't have any super sly tricks.

It's all good old fashioned research and trial and error, guys. And because I'm a really good person (don't worry, that was a joke, I know I'm not), I've decided to share all these awesome spots with my favourite people. AKA, you guys. 

But I'm even going to take it one step further for y'all. Instead of just throwing a bunch of inexpensive spots at you guys, I've decided to separate this by price point. Because, trust, I've been at the stage where you're pretty down for some food... but you've only got, like, $5 to spare.

No judgements on that though, friends. Some people will spend that $5 on shots; some will save it; and others will blow it on the best falafel they've ever tried in their lives. Whatever floats your boat. Whatever makes you happy. You do TF out of your life.

So, sit back, relax, and let me tell you guys some pretty awesome places to eat out, depending on how much money you're down to spend on a meal.

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Eat A Meal For $5 At...


via @halalmtl

1923 Saint-Catherine St W

Notorious for being one of the best and most inexpensive spots for a falafel (or several!) in Montreal, this restaurant legit never disappoints!


L'Entrepot Mont-Royal

via @camcestelle

1019 Mont-Royal Ave E

For about $5, you can enjoy anything on the menu at this super popular Plateau spot.


Mon Chicha

via @ryan.canuto

1396 Maisonneuve Blvd W

Specializing in seriously delicious Asian dishes, like squid balls and bao buns, this spot has tons of options that hit at just under the $5 mark.



via @arielucky

1446 Crescent St

This downtown Montreal spot is famous for their extravaggent drinks, plus $5 dishes.



via @petite.peche

1641 St Denis St

For $5, $7, or $9, you can enjoy things like mac and cheese, burgers, tacos, and desserts at this St. Denis spot.


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Eat A Meal For $10 At...


via @curiocitea

1409 Rue Saint-Marc

Situated near Concordia University, this Indian restaurant is ace at serving delicious and wholesome food for roughly $10 a dish.


Parma Cafe

via @apenny4acookie

1202 Bishop St

This Italian food cafe in downtown Montreal serves up tasty and traditional eats, most of which come in at the $10 mark or under.



via @realbiondino

6887 St Laurent Blvd

A porchetta sandwich is kind of like the Italian version of pulled pork - and trust, these guys do it right. Sandwiches go for about $10, with sides coming in at under the $10 point.


The Mon Cafe

via @allie_mcc

376 Notre-Dame St W

This spot in Old Montreal speclaizes in breakfasts, coffees, and pastries; no matter what you pick, everything is awesome, and shouldn't run for much more than $10.


Hof Kelsten

via @ciaomiranda12

4524 St Laurent Blvd

This Plateau bakery is known for their beyond delicious baked goods (looking at you, life-changing croissants), but their sandwiches and soups are on a level of their own too.


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Eat A Meal For $20 At...

Ma Poule Mouillee

via @lightskinesssss

969 Rachel St E

It's my theory that you can get legit any dish on the menu here for under $20. Their poutine, for example, is legendary and won't cost more than $15; their grilled squid costs a little more, but is also what dreams are legit made of.



via @misscoffee_8

3677 St Laurent Blvd

Arepas, anyone? Known for their beyond tasty, fresh arepas and beautiful terrasse, this St. Laurent spot serves up delicious and fairly priced food.


El Rey Del Taco

via @ciaomiranda12

232 Jean Talon St E

Here, dishes won't cost you much more than $20 - especially their fresh and authentic tacos, which come in fours and cost about $11.


Koa Lua

via @ciaomiranda12

1446 Saint-Catherine St W

Super fresh and flavourful poke bowls are served at this downtown poke emporium. A bowl will set you back less than $20, which sounds like a super fair deal to me!


Qing Hua Dumplings  

via @roxanoel

1676 Lincoln Ave

Real talk: dumplings are my favourite thing, and Qing Hua does them up super right. A basked of steamed dumplings hits at roughly $15, so go ahead and go nuts.

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