15 Signs You're Not A Morning Person

15 Signs You're Not A Morning Person

Don't talk to me before at least 12:00 p.m. K thanks! Sounds familiar? Welcome to the club. If the sound of your alarm is the most annoying sound you could ever imagine, then you're most definitely not a morning person.

How can you possibly like getting up in the mornings? You can't. Unless, of course, you're a morning person, which makes you really weird. Technically, we could all be morning people, if mornings happen to be around noon. And what's up with 8 a.m. meetings anyway? They clearly shouldn't exist, because our brains can only function in the afternoon. That's a science fact. Or not. Here's a list of other facts proving that you most certainly aren't a morning person.

1. You have a very intense emotional connection with your bed. You start missing it as soon as the alarm goes off.

2. You also have a special love affair with the snooze button. Snooze button is your bae. Hit it.

3. You tell yourself that you will absolutely take a nap as soon as you get back home in the evening. That never actually happens.

4. You fantasize about being in bed throughout the whole day.

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5. You require significant amounts of caffeine before allowing anyone to interact with you.

6. Smiling before at least 10 a.m. actually hurts your face.

7. You can't stand how certain people are overly happy in the mornings. Happy people are the enemy.

8. You know that there is no way an early bird gets the warm. It can't get the warm if it's tired. It. Just. Can't.

9. Morning workouts? Everyone knows that's a myth.

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10. You're only up early if you have to catch a flight or you still haven't gone to bed from the night before. Any other reason will make you exceptionally grumpy #sorrynotsorry

11. You mentally high five other tired people, like "Hey, what's up! I feel you"

12. You regret watching Netflix until 2 a.m. but you still repeat the crime over and over again.

13. You turn into a somewhat normal person in the afternoon, but then you have lunch and feel sleepy all over again.

14. The best feeling in the world is waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you still have a few more hours to sleep. Right?

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15. Pizza, Netflix and bed are quite possibly the best three things in the universe. Morning people will never understand this.

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