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15 Sriracha And Montreal Food Combos

The spicy sauce you love to have in and around your mouth.
15 Sriracha And Montreal Food Combos

Some people are not sriracha fans. Other people only like their homemade sriracha and s-talk the model-red-bottle, Huy-Fong brand. I am not one of those people. To me, all Sriracha sauce is a thick and delicious compliment to an unending list of dishes and foods, Montreal's many iconic meals included. Read on and see how you can spice it up with sriracha. Here's some Montreal (and a few extraneous) dishes that make sweet love w/ that red hot cock sauce.

Sriracha + Tourtière

Tourtière is a double-crusted meat pie, usually made w/ veal, diced pork, or beef, thickened with potatoes, and sauced up with onions, spices, and seasonal herbs. All the the ingredients above obviously pair well with a flavorful, not-too-spicy, sauce like sriracha. Sriracha goes w/ onions and meat like a Wilensky sandwich goes with sriracha.

Sriracha + Wilensky's Light Lunch

What foreshadowing! Wilensky's Light Lunch takes a spot on this sriracha list because it fills the Venn Diagram: Montreal classic + good w/ sriracha. The sandwiches, like pressed hot bologna and salami, can stand on their own, but are equally perfect to pair w/ some of the thick cock sauce.

Sriracha + Poutine

I do NOT think that sriracha should be added to a poutine that has already been bathed in a dark meat gravy. If, and only if, the sriracha is involved in the production of the gravy, the toppings, or even the fries themselves, will this be delicious. It'd complicate things to mix sriracha w/ meat gravy. With a complimentary gravy this is a fantastic idea. With a dark meat gravy, this is a horrible idea. Try both and see where you lie on the sriracha-poutine spectrum.

Sriracha + Le Cheese's Mac 'n Cheese

Macaroni and cheese isn't quite a Montreal dish, but that doesn't stop the whole city from mackin' on mac 'n cheese all year long. While KD is the classic go-to, Montreal's premiere macaroni is served up by Le Cheese truck. Ultimately cheesy, the dish's inherent creaminess is beautifully complimented by the lightly spicy kick of sriracha.

Sriracha + Eggs

Ask me how many fucks I give that "Eggs" aren't a "Montreal Food". The Eggmen at the Jean-Talon Market would disagree w/ you. Where else do you find guinea fowl, turkey, duck, and all other goddamn varieties of eggs other than the eggmen at the JTM? Probably 70% of the people reading this f-ing love putting sriracha all over their eggs. Any style, any fashion, w/ any accompaniments. An over-easy, avocado, and sriracha breakfast "sandwich" is just one of the fabulous ways to do eggs w/ sriracha.

Sriracha + Steamie

Adding sriracha to a steamie makes sense for a few good reasons. 1. Sriracha is delicious. 2. Steamies can be kind of bland, especially toward the end of your third in one sitting. 3. Steamies can become very wet and soggy, thus adding sriracha will distract from the unnecessary, and possibly harmful amount of steam involved in this hotdog process.

Portugese/Rotisserie Chicken

Montreal seems to love chicken more any other city north of the Mason-Dixon line. How else do you explain the bevy of chicken and chicken delivery places in this city? Chicken delivery is a concept very unique to Montreal, and something that warrants appreciating. One way to appreciate the concept, is by eating tons of Montreal chicken. Adding sriracha to the fries+chicken+fries sandwiches I know we all make (right guys? right?) is a marvellous idea. Adding sriracha to chicken and rice is an equally worthy idea.

Sriracha + Montreal Bagel

Adding sriracha to a bagel sounds like a pretty bad idea. If the bagel was plain, that is. If you season it up w/ some eggs, or maybe some lox, maybe some whitefish, a little sable, then you've got cause to use sriracha. Sriracha will bring life to the briny and fishy flavours in whitefish and sable. This is probably the best way for a non-Team Herring person to consume such preserved fish items. Sriracha and cream cheese is also an option, for those feeling a little adventurous.

Sriracha + Dic Ann's Burger

Next time you're making burgers (or at Dic Ann's) do this little experiment. Mix sriracha w/ peanut butter and use as a condiment on your burger along w/ all the other normal fixins. You can thank me now. If you're at home, and want to go real West Africa on that hamburger, add some baked beans, and an egg over easy. Or just replace ketchup with sriracha, which is the superior sauce anyway.

Sriracha + Boustan

Boustan, or any Montreal shawarma joint, present great opportunities for our beloved sauce. I wouldn't go crazy and mix it w/ the hummus or garlic sauce they provide, but I can definitely support putting sriracha on the shawarma itself. Putting sriracha on almost everything else is a great idea too, as long as you control your sauces!

Sriracha + Pizza

Montreal has some very good pizza places, if you know where to look. Adding sriracha to any pizza is a fantastic idea, and adding it to pizza from some of Montreal's best pizzerias, like Artigiani or Pizzeria Magpie is, perhaps brusque, but definitely delicious.

Sriracha + $2 Dollar Chow Mein

Nothing says Montreal like drunkenly waiting in line for tasty, goopy, sweet, peanut chow mein. The proprietor of Chez Mein has bottles of sriracha standing by at the noodle stand, so don't worry about bringing your own from home. As referenced elsewhere in this list, mixed sriracha and peanut butter is a match made in North American food-hedonist heaven.

Sriracha + Patati Patata

Patati Patata features many great "greasy spoon" dishes like burgers, club sandwiches, and poutine. All of these things are fertile ground for the hot cock sauce. The club sandwich, served on ciabatta bread w/ heapings of fries, is a primo candidate for sriracha inundation.

Sriracha + Dim Sum

Dim Sum is about as native to Montreal as Cristiano Ronaldo. But, there are some tasty Sum-spots in Montreal nonetheless. For the uninitiated, Dim Sum is a collection of little steamed plates. Some of the most popular Dim Sum dishes include sui-mai (pork and shrimp fritters), shrimp dumplings, chicken feet, and BBQ pork buns. Any and all of these items would appreciate the warm, silky, not-overpowering spice of sriracha.

Sriracha + "Massages"

Use sriracha as a #$%@$**#@©∫∆ for your %#$@& or your *&^©. You can maybe arrange to have this sauce smeared all over your $∆®ƒ and up in your £¢˙%. I'm sure they get these kind of requests all the time. What's more Montreal than a nice, relaxing, totally above board, massage?

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