15 Guaranteed Ways To Make Sure He Puts A Ring On It

Real talk, ladies- With today's dating culture, it's getting super hard to have a real relationship. Netflix and chill has replaced dating; Tinder has replaced going out there and meeting people... it's chaos. So what do you do when you've found that special someone? Lock them down, duh. Lucky for you, we've figured out the perfect formula to guarantee your fairy tale ending with your Prince Charming.

1. Make sure to wake up looking flawless.

Never ever go anywhere without makeup. Ever. Ever.

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2. Take really long getting ready. And then take an extra 10 minutes just to make sure.

Guys love suspense.

3. Never poop. Ever.

Don't go to the bathroom. Just don't it.

4. Whenever you can, cause a scene in public.

Guys love this. Everyone loves this.

5. Call him "bae" every chance you get.

Especially to his boss. "Bae can't come to the phone right now, but I'll get bae to call you back as soon as he can."

6. Remind him that you love him by writing it hourly on his Facebook timeline.

Set yourself alarms if necessary.

7. Never pay for anything.

Constantly forget your wallet at home for optimal success. Besides, you're too pretty to pay for anything anyway.

8. Reply to all the texts his friends send him.

"Michael and I would love to come hang out on Thursday!"

9. Become best friends with his ex.

He's always telling you to make new friends.

10. Ask for his advice on how to pick up guys before a night out with the girls.

That's how you keep the passion alive.

11. Don't share any common interests. At all. None.

Because you're a unique flower.

12. Update his parents regularly on his performance.

There's really no better person to comment on this than the woman who birthed him, right?

13. Give his "manhood" a feminine nickname.

Believe it or not, it will actually make him feel more manly.

14. Buy "his and hers" everything.

How else is he going to know how much you love him?

15. Vajazzle.

Trust us.

Obviously, we're just kidding...