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15 Things You Can Do In Montreal This Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Key festivals happening this weekend!
15 Things You Can Do In Montreal This Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Hello, beautiful peopleof Montreal! Hope the humidity is treating you well this week. I'm kidding because of course it's not, this heat is more oppressive than ever,  and if you're not complaining, then I'm afraid you may not be human.

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A couple of not-to-miss festivals are kicking off this weekend, and I'm here to give you the details on each one!

A few highlights: If electronic music is your thing, don't forget to check out Ile Sonique at Parc Jean Drapeau. There is also a budding food and culture festival happening at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre that is definitely worth checking out. And lastly, we've got the highly anticipated Italian Week street festival going down in the heart of Little Italy all weekend. As you can see, this weekend is ALL about food!

For those who prefer something a little more relaxing than massively crowded festivals, I also threw in some more intimate and low-key activities, like boating and cafe crawling, that you should take advantage of before summer is gone.

As always everyone, enjoy your weekend in this beautiful city and stay hydrated!

Friday, August 10th

1. Try the brand new and super famous Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheese Cake

Where: Uncle Tetsu // 1410 Rue Pierce
When: Anytime!

More info

2. Check out this crazy beautiful cafe Pastel Rita in the Plateau

Where: 5761 St Laurent Blvd
When: Anytime!

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3. Check out the Quartier Des Spectacles downtown for the First People's Festivals


Where: Places Des Arts
When: August 7th - August 15th

More info

4. Check out Ile Sonique the massive electronic music festival at Parc Jean Drapeau

Via ilesoniqfestival

Where: Parc Jean Drapeau
When: August 10th & 11th

More info

5. Check out Bar Kabinet for their weekly BBQ Pop-Up in the Mile-End

Where: Bar Kabinet // 92 Avenue Laurier O
When: Fridays, 5-10pm (recurring event)

More info

Saturday, August 11th

1. Indulge at Gauffres & Glaces, one of the most decadent sweet shops in town

Where: Gauffres & Glaces // 4376 St Laurent Blvd
When: Anytime!

More info

2. Check out a Japanese Food & Culture festival hosted by the Japanese Cultural Center of Montreal

Via events

Where: Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montreal // 8155 rue Rousselot
When: Saturday, 11 - 8pm

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3. Check out this brand new, ultra sleek and modern cafe Le Watson

Where: Le Watson // 26 Rue Belanger
When: Anytime!

More info

4. Check out "Les Samedis A Terrasses Bonsecours" a weekly event at the most beautiful patio in the city

Via events

Where: Terrasses Bonsecours
When: Saturday, 5pm-3am (recurring event)

More info

5. Check out Montreal's one-and-only Italian Week 'Street' Festival in Little Italy

Via semaineitaliennemtl

Where: Saint-Laurent Street // Little Italy
When: August 10-12th

More info

Sunday, August 12th

1. Start your morning out right with yoga on the mountain for FREE!

Where: Cafe Suspendu du Mont-Royal
When: Sunda at 10:30am (recurring event)

More info

2. Explore the prettiest local shops in the Mile-End of Montreal

Where: Mile-End
When: Anytime!

More info

3. Check out Mexican-inspired food & culture festival at Village Au Pied-Du-Courant

Where: Village Au Pied Du Courant
When: Sunday at 3pm-11pm

More info

4. Check out "boozy brunch" Sunday's at Terrasse Bonsecours

Where: Terrasses Bonsecours // Old Port
When: Sundays from 2pm-10pm (recurring event)

More info

5. Take a drive out to beautiful Hudson and hop on the Oka Ferry

@itstimmmmmembedded via

Where: Hudson, QC
When: Open Sundays at 7am with departures every 15-minutes from both shores

More info

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