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15 Things You Didn't Know About The Montreal Metro

Stats and numbers that blow the mind
15 Things You Didn't Know About The Montreal Metro

Photo cred - River Is Here

You take the bus/metro to work or school nearly every day, but how much do you really know about the transit network that gets you to where you need to be? There's quite a bit to the workings of the STM, and to give you some insight on the company that literally keeps Montreal in motion, we've compiled some pretty cool facts about the STM.

All of these are based off of the STM's most recent annual report, based on 2013. You can read the full report here, but rather than read all through it, take a look at the factoids below.

  1. In a single year, 416.5 million trips are made across the STM network
  2. On average 1.3 million trips per day are made, 40% by metro, bus 31% and 29% by a combo of the two.
  3. Every day 895, 000 people take the metro, while 784, 000 take the bus
  4. The satisfaction rate for the STM is 77%, down 7% from last year, likely due to some bad rush hour closures
  5. By late 2014 the STM plans to introduce the iBUS system, real time tracking of bus routes to tell you if there are any delays and exact arrival times.
  6. The average number of interruptions/delays on the STM network is 11.5 per million kilometers with a total of 895 last year
  7. Montreal's metro lines total 41km with 759 cars
  8. The STM includes 220 bus routes with a total of 1746 buses.
  9. Berri-UQAM is the busiest metro station with 12, 896, 920 admissions in 2013. The station is also going to get a mechanical, electrical, and architectural remodeling.
  10. The STM employs a total of 9400 people, with 555 gained this year, including students.
  11. With an annual budget of 1.297 billion, the STM is the 15th largest company in Quebec
  12. By 2020 the STM hopes to extend the Blue Line, create a new rapid bus transit system, and reduce its overall ecological footprint.
  13. By 2025 they also plan to use solely electric vehicles.
  14. The total operating revenue for the STM was 1.394 million this past year
  15. Montreal's new metro cars costed a total of 311.2 million, with all equipment and construction for the 468 cars included

Were you surprised by any of these?

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