15 Things You Miss About MSN Messenger

'Appear Offline'.
15 Things You Miss About MSN Messenger

Not everyone here remembers the pre-internet world.

Having to ask your whole family NOT to use the phone so you can go online for an hour. Sitting in suspense for 10 minutes hoping your computer will actually connect, and of course, the rise of the first "chatting" programs like ICQ and MSN.

On ICQ, you didn't know who you were talking to and you didn't care. You just started the conversation with A/S/L? (Age, sex, location) and you'd chat with a perfect stranger about random bullshit.

Then MSN messenger came and you could actually add your friends and see when they were online.

This was a game changer and it created a whole series of inside jokes and secret languages only MSN users will understand.

Remember any of these?

1. This was the place where you first learned what "BRB" and "G2G" meant

So many abbreviations, but 'lol' wasn't one of them yet.

2. Those extremely important conversations




-NM u? 

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