15 Things You'll Experience During Your First-Ever Semester At Concordia University

New school, new life!
15 Things You'll Experience During Your First-Ever Semester At Concordia University

Just a few years ago I was starting my first year at Concordia University. I have so many fond memories of that first year, it was honestly one of the best times of my life! You meet so many amazing people, and a lot of them become your closest friends.

First year brings so many new experiences you might be a little overwhelmed at first. But trust me, you're going to love every minute of it. If you're a little nervous or you don't know what to expect from your first semester at Concordia, I'm here to help!

1. You'll Be Drunk Your Entire First Week. FROSH!!

Chill bro swaggins and hot brotatoes #asfafrosh

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Your first week at Concordia will be crazy, you can bet on that. There's endless amounts of alcohol whether you're signed up for frosh or not. You'll definitely be going out every night and having a blast!

2. You'll Take The 365 Night Bus Home From Saint Laurent At Least Twice A Week

chasing the lights on St-Lau

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Saint-Laurent is the street with all of the best bars and you'll most definitely be hitting it up at least twice a week. The metro will close at 1:30am on the weekends and 1am on week nights so you'll most likely be stuck at 3am with no good way of getting back to Grey Nuns or Loyola. Well, you're only hope is the 365 night bus.. It's always packed to the brim and you'll definitely witness some ridiculous things!

3. You'll Have A Love/Hate Relationship With The Caf Food

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The caf food at Concordia is definitely interesting. You'll love it because it's all you can eat, which is great because you can sit there and chill with your friends and enjoy as much food as you want. You'll hate it because it can be pretty unpredictable. It's hit or miss most days, but you can never go wrong with a classic grilled cheese or salad.

4. Residence Will Be  A 24/7 Party If You Want It To Be

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Residence will honestly be the time of your life. You'll get close with people super fast because you're all living in close proximity to each other, which makes it so easy to party together 24/7. There will always be a party or a bar or a club to go to so don't worry about that. If partying every night isn't your thing, don't worry no one at Concordia will judge you!

5. Your Favourite Study Spot Will Become The Grey Nun's Chapel

Nice place to study Thanks to @desrorox for finding this spot.

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Grey Nun's Residence recently took over the nun's side of the building, so they turned the chapel into a gorgeous study spot! It's a quiet only zone so it's incredibly peaceful and you can see from the picture just how pretty it is. Only Concordia students can enter, so it's not as busy as the library will be.

6. You'll Be At Cock n' Bull Every Wednesday Night, Don't Even Try To Fight It

The casa bitches back at it again

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Wednesday's are cock n' bull's open mic night and that's probably the reason everyone goes on that night. The beer is super cheap and it gets packed with Concordia students. As much as you'll be sick of it by the end of first semester, you'll still be there every week.

7. The Shuttle Will Become Your Best Friend, Especially If You're At Loyola Rez

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The shuttle bus is the fastest way for Concordia students to get from the Downtown campus to Loyola campus and vice versa. It takes about 20 minutes and doesn't stop along the way. If you're at Loyola Rez or have classes on that campus, you'll be taking this shuttle every day of your life. Learn to love it!

8. You'll Meet So Many People Your First Week, But You'll Find Your Main Crew By The End Of First Semester

?? A group of squids is called a squad ??

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During your first week at Concordia you'll honestly meet so many people you probably won't remember the names of most of them. But by the end of first semester you'll find your main squad and you'll stick with them for the rest of your time at Concordia!

9. You'll Definitely Have To Pull An All Nighter During Finals Week


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We all know the struggles of final season, and once you're a Concordia student you will too. It's pretty rough, honestly but we all have to do it. It's just one of the crappy parts about University life. But you definitely won't be alone if you're stuck at Webster Library at 3 am during finals week. Lucky for us Concordia students, both of our libraries are open 24 hours!

10. You'll Attempt To Go To The Gym When You Start Gaining That Freshman 15

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Yup, we all know the freshman 15 struggle. You've just moved out of your parents house and you're newly responsible for what you eat. Most of us go a little crazy with this and pig out on all of the bad foods our parents never let us eat. Once we notice we're gaining some weight we hit up one of Concordia's awesome gyms. Le Gym at the downtown campus or the Perform Centre at the Loyola campus!

11. You'll Get Lost Downtown.. A Lot!

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Montreal is a pretty large city, and our downtown campus sits right in the heart of it. Whether you're trying to find your class in Concordia's Hall building or you're walking the few extra blocks to visit a friend at McGill campus, you're most likely to get lost a lot in your first semester. Don't be afraid to ask for directions, Concordia students are super friendly!

12. You'll Be Hitting Up The Dep For Wine All The Time

Shopping for wine. #mtl

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Since you can buy wine and beer at every Montreal Deppaneur, this is the easiest option for acquiring alcohol. In your first semester you'll be looking for the cheapest and easiest ways to get drunk. Grabbing a 1L bottle of wine at your closest dep will definitely be you every week.

13. You'll Have So Many Crazy Halloween Parties To Choose From

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Halloween is a pretty crazy time in Montreal, and Concordia goes all out. Basically every student association at Concordia holds their own Halloween blowout, which means you'll have unlimited options to choose from. Get ready for an insane night!

14. You'll Support The Concordia Sports Teams But You Probably Won't Go To Any Of Their Games

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The Concordia Stingers have some pretty amazing sports teams. Our football, rugby, and all of our other sports teams for that matter, win a lot. Which is so awesome to be able to gloat to people about, but in your first semester you're just too busy to go to any of the games. Maybe you'll go to the home opener football game but that's probably about it.

It's just the reality of first year life. You'll be too busy partying and making new friends!

15. You'll Fall In Love With The City Of Montreal

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This is 514% true. Once your first semester is up, you're going to fall in love with this city and everyone in it! Whether you're from another big city, a small town in Canada, or another country, this city is now your second home. By the time those first 4 months are up I guarantee you'll never want to leave!

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