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15 Things You'll Miss After You Graduate From McGill

The nostalgia is so real right now.
15 Things You'll Miss After You Graduate From McGill

It's that time of the year again when your newsfeed is being flooded

1. Spending Your Day At OAP

2. The Constant Availability of Samosas

3. Beach Day

Photo Cred - Benoit C

4. Having Class In Leacock 132

5. Being Able To Get Drunk Off $20 At Gerts

6. Having Downtown Montreal So Close By

7. Getting To Do Fac-O, Carnival, Hype, etc.

8. The Library

Photo Cred - Neuroscience Undergraduate Society

9. Going To Ghetto House Parties

10. Getting Super Cheap Drinks At BDA And Blues Pub

11. The School Chants

12. Being Able To Frequently Eat At All Of The Classic Ghetto Food Spots

13. Your Friends

Photo Cred - Paige

14. Being Able To Organize Your Class Schedule Around Your Sleep Schedule

15. The Campus

After all, you've finally figured out the fastest ways to get around after 4 years.

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