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15 Terrible Montreal Moments You Wouldn't Wish On Anyone

Not even your worst enemies.
15 Terrible Montreal Moments You Wouldn't Wish On Anyone

Photo cred - Doug

 Do you have any enemies you kinda hate? Do you ever realise how difficult how life (in Montreal) can possibly be? Some days are filled with those tragic, FML moments. In a city where winter lasts for half a year, everyone has moments where they wonder why exactly they choose to live there.

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1. Your romantic day dates being interrupting by a protest march whose cause you only superficially understand.

2. Your table salt turning into de-icing salt, and your de-icing salt turning into icing sugar.

3. Metro delays always end the minute after you left for a bus stop.

4. Wearing Uggs.

Photo cred - Peter Haakon Thompson

5. Scrolling through your phone in the metro and then standing up, only to realise that a heavily pregnant woman with a baby stroller had been standing next to you the entire time. She glares at you silently.

6. Your fantasy hockey team getting kidnapped by dragons.

7. Every song you ever hear in your life being sang by Leonard Cohen, with a cold.

8. The Tim Hortons line being just long enough to be inconvenient, but just short enough that you haven't made your mind up about what to order yet. You stutter when you speak to the cashier.

9. Getting lost in Brossard

Photo cred - Alizée G.

10. Realising your Canada Goose jacket is counterfeit.

11. Receiving a document with lots of long words and numbers in your mailbox, stamped with the logo of la Ville de Montreal or Videotron or Hydro-Quebec logo. It is only in undecipherable French, causing you to worry slightly.

13. Never speaking the right language to the right person.

14. Attempting to quit smoking, stash a pack of cigarettes away for "emergencies only", smoke them because they are not, in fact, for "emergencies only", buy a new pack in a fit of shame, and then smoke them too.

15.  Potholes becoming sinkholes

16. Paying your taxes.

(just kidding.)

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