150 Mean Facebook Comments You Really Don’t Want To See About Pokemon GO In Montreal

Haters gonna hate.
150 Mean Facebook Comments You Really Don’t Want To See About Pokemon GO In Montreal

Well it only took 2 days for the whole world to officially sick and tired of Pokémon GO.

I guess that's what happens when something blows up so quickly. Like when the radio plays your favorite song 12 times a day to the point where you can't stand it any longer.

And thanks to our commenters we have a very good picture of the anger escalation and the range of emotions people are feeling because of Pokémon GO.

News feeds are being bombarded with constant Pokémon GO posts, there's just no escape. Luckily one user offered a creative solution for those who can no longer stand to hear about Pokémon:

You can't really argue with that logic... Though some other commentors weren't so calm when they decided to voice their opinions.

The classic cliché comment, usually you have to be over 70 years old to use this comment, but maybe they were trying to be ironic.

Just know that no matter what you're doing , unless you're reading a book, you're wasting your time.

Some people weren't angry, they just felt left out.

Some have simply had enough.

You gotta love Dany Quirion. He just wants the rest of the world to enjoy Pokémon GO as much as he does.

This person is just making me paranoid about using my phone in public.

Kinda hard to listen to a guy who's wearing Joker Makeup. At least he found a friend.

But ... grownups like Pokémon too :(

That escalated quickly we went from indifference to wishing bodily harm pretty quickly.


And some people simply have too much anger to contain.

Good thing Aaron reminded us that all this yelling  probably won't solve anything.

The rest of the 150 comments can be see at these Facebook posts we did, lol.

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