Architect Turns 150 Year Old Montreal Townhouse Into Dreamhome, And The Interior Will Take Your Breath Away

One 150-year-old Montreal townhouse has been transformed into a fusion of new and old. Titled the Stanley Residence by KANVA, this Montreal home proves modern and traditional can be joined together in harmony.

Opposing ideas and themes run through the Stanley Residence, with the base of the house standing as a renovated version of the original model, while the upstairs addition is a sleek creation of glass, exposed beams, and modern flair. Bridging the two is the home's staircase and elevator, a vertical core of the house with a minimalist design that doesn't detract from the style above or below.

You can check out the Stanley Residence in Montreal' Golden Square Mile neighborhood, or witness how the architecture beautifully melds old and new through the photos below.

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