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16 All-Too-Real Struggles Every IGA Employee In Quebec Has Lived Through

Customer service is hell in disguise.

Back when I was studying at Dawson College, I worked as a cashier at the IGA in Alexis-Nihon. While I had amazing co-workers, sometimes, it only takes one bad costumer to ruin a day.

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And through all the struggles that I experienced during these 3 months, I only learned to be more respectful and patient towards people who work in customer service.

These humans are amazing and most of them want to do a good job (except me, I was really bad at it and did not care much).

1."It's so beautiful out, it's so sad you guys are stuck in here"

Yep. I know. *crying internally*

2. People who don't help packing their 300$ grocery

It's my job, I get it. But when it's 5 o'clock, there is a line that goes up to the cereal section, and there is no "packer" nearby, it is only polite to help the cashier pack all of your stuff especially since the customer made me put everything in 20 plastic bags.

3. You should smile more !

No. I have no reasons to. I am really not having a good time.

4. People who are crazy about their coupons

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And one simple rule : surprisingly, once you give your 50 cents coupon, you can't get it back.

5. Clients who forgot one item

"I'll be back in a few seconds, I just forgot my prune juice."

6. Lotto Québec

"You'll give me a poule aux oeufs d'or, one 6/49 with extra, one lotto max, one gagnant à vie, and one mots-cachés. And if I win 2$, I want two more of each."

7. People who ask you to give them a free bag

It's almost always rich-looking dudes who ask you that, and they say it like it's a joke, but in fact, it makes their whole day when they get something for free. I always gave it to them because they really seemed to need that 5 cents in their silken pockets to counter-balance with their ego.

8. The clients that think they can throw their change on the counter

Didn't your mama teach you to be polite with people and not to treat them like change machines ?

9. Having to enter the code of weird looking fruits and veggies

As a cashier, you may have a list of all of them at hand, but if you don't know what a celeriac looks like, you may have a hard time finding it on the list. Luckily, most customers are nice enough to tell you what it is, but some don't even know the name of the veggie they picked up.

10. Having to ask a 37 years old alcoholic for her ID

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I was literally petrified the time that I had to ask a woman for her ID cards while she was purchasing alcohol. In my defence, she looked like a 16 years old and was wearing clothes very similar to a private school uniform. She did not have her cards on her, so he had to go back to her place to get them and when she returned later that night, she started insulting me. Fortunately enough, I had the nicest co workers and they kicked her out <3.

11. Eating lunch in concrete basement with no windows

I could have eaten lunch outside, for sure, but when you only have 30 minutes to eat and have to get your Copper Branch bowl, you try to maximise your time relaxing to keep your sanity.

12. The fvcking airmiles

We've all had a client who forgot to give you his airmiles card for his bottle of water and asks you to call a supervisor so he can get his fraction of points "because they cumulate".

13. Having to ask an elderly if they are 65

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Most people react well to this question, but I always feared they were actually 40 and I would ruin their day.

14. Being talked to when you're on your break

If I have my earphones or talking to someone on on my phone, you can expect that I am taking my break.

15. The bad jokes

"If it doesn't scan, it's because it must be free!" Nope.

16. Clients who talk on their cellphone

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I understand that sometimes you don't want to have any interactions with humans, I do too. But there are self-serving cash for that.

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