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16 Best Montreal Shish Taouk Restaurants You Need To Eat At If You Haven’t Already

Pita is life.
16 Best Montreal Shish Taouk Restaurants You Need To Eat At If You Haven’t Already

Montreal is known for their diverse range of restaurants and some of the best happen to be those that make Shish Taouk. Of course I am referring to those spectacular Mediterranean restaurants around the island, which happen to be some of my favorites!

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Everyone should know where to get the best Shish Taouk in town whether it be just a sandwich or the whole plate, especially the one closest to where you live or work. So, to help us all crush our pita cravings, I suggest checking some of the restaurants below that have been divided by borough. Trust me, they are some of the best in town!

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Plateau & Mile End Shish Taouk Restaurants:

1. Aux Lilas

via @xim_sauriol

5570 Park Ave

This has to be the cutest restaurant on the list! It's pink decor and delicious shish taouk make the perfect pair! It is a Family-run neighborhood eatery serving Lebanese wines with vegetarian-friendly treats.


2. Omnivore

via @omnivoregrill

4351 Boul St-Laurent

This Plateau eatery serves up some seriously delicious Middle-Eastern grub - and no matter if you're a meat lover or a veggie fan, they've got something delicious for you. Their "Omnivore" dish, for example, includes chicken shish taouk that's been grilled to perfection, lentil rice, hummus... the (healthy) works, basically. Trust me on this one, friends - you're going to need to get yourself there, as soon as you possibly can.


3. Restaurant Sara

via @choojim1972

1 Mont-Royal Ave W

For a quick and easy meal that tastes like heaven, I recommend checking out Restaurant Sara! They have to be one of the best fast food restaurants on this list.


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Downtown & Old Montreal Shish Taouk Restaurants:

1. Boustan

via @alexton_suarez

2020 A Crescent

Boustan is amazing, just the right amount of grease, delivery until 4am, this is by far one of Montreal's favourite shish taouk spots. It's basically a Montreal institution of sorts, feeding and satisfying the masses in the Crescent Street area. Whether you're eating lunch or nabbing some drunchies, you just can't beat a boustan sandwich.

Facebook Page

2. Adonis

via @marcheadonis

2173 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Adonis is an amazing grocery store specializng in mediteranean and middle-eatern food, with their own bakery, fish market, deli counter and butchers. They also have a plethora of prepared meals and dishes including but not limited to, chicken shish taouk, and it's delicious. So while you are loading up on your weekly groceries, make sure to pick up one of their famous sandwiches.

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3. Shawarmaz

via @allie_captured_it

1206 Rue Peel

Sharing a location with a Subway restaurant, Shawarmaz is conveniently located on Peel Street, making it very easy to pick up some of their quality shish taouk on your office lunch break or after a good shopping sesh at the Eaton's Centre up the street. Shawarmaz also plays habs games on their giant big screen so you won't miss any of the action.

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4. Halal Guys

via @thehalalguys.mtl

1448 Rue Mackay

New York's super famous Halal Guys has now become Montreal's famous Hala Guys with their amazing shish taouk! It's located right in front of Concordia University, so if you and your friends need an awesome new place to eat/study/chill near the downtown campus, stop the search. You've found your new spot.


5. Shish Taouk Al-Taib

via @eliteeatsmontreal

1619 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O

I suggest checking out Al Taib for some traditional shish taouk that tastes just like heaven! I guarantee that you will fall in love and make this your new go to restaurant.

6. Garage Beirut

via @nicenicejieun

1238 Mackay St

If you’re down by Concordia and want a Lebanese-style skewer done right, Garage Beirut is the place to go. Everything is cooked to perfection, and their grill platters come loaded with hummus, pita, pickled turnips, and grilled tomato and onion.


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West Island Shish Taouk Restaurants:

1. Chateau Kabab

via @911food

4705 Sources Blvd

For some traditional Persian & Iraqi dishes that will legit blow your mind, Chateau Kabab is THE place to be. Their shish taouk is to die for!


2. Monsieur Falafel

via @monsieur_falafel

701 St Johns Blvd

Would you just look at that dish? Shish Taouk doesn't get much better than that especially when it's from Monsieur Falafel where you can get your favorite dish even late at night!


3. Maison Chickpea

via @maisonchickpea

2362 46e Avenue

Maison Chickpea, locatedin Lachine is home to the most delectable Shish Taouk Dishes in all of Montreal. While your there, I suggest trying their deep-fried falafels that are filled with ground chickpeas, fava beans, and pure heaven!


4. Falafel St. Jacques

via @robichaud_annie

345 St Jacques St, Lachine

Another great spot located in Lachine has to be Falafel St. Jacques where all your falafel and shish taouk dreams will 514% come true!


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Bonus Shish Taouk Restaurants:

1. Sumac

via @mes_petites_revolutions

3618 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

There are tons of places that make shish taouk so good you'd shed a tear upon first bite; so good you'd eat 3 of them in one sitting; so good, your very dreams are forever perfumed with that taste of pure happiness but Sumac is the best place!


2. Le Petit Alep

via @melina__gagne

191 Jean Talon East

Full of flavor, well balanced and definitely filling. The menu focuses on Syrian and Armenian cuisine. Highlights include such things as Mouhamara (a savory dip made of bread crumbs, walnuts, pepper, and pomegranate molasses), Feuilles de Vigne (succulent stuffed grape leaves in a tangy sauce), Chiche Kebab Terbialy pita roll (spiced beef chunks rolled with lettuce and tomato in a toasted pita), and pickled vegetables. All of the food is fresh and tasty, and the best part? Most dishes are priced under $10.


3. Damas Restaurant

via @mtlfoodfotos

1201 Avenue Van Horne

Ah yes, all of my wishes are finally coming true as I recently discovered this Syrian restaurant Montreal that has been open for years without my knowledge! I mean, I was pretty excited about the Moroccan restaurant, but this Syrian restaurant is on a whole new level! Both authentic in decor and food, this new Syrian restaurant will transport your taste buds to heaven with their shish taouk!


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