16 Breathtaking Hikes Near Montreal For Beginners, Enthusiasts, & Experts

16 Breathtaking Hikes Near Montreal For Beginners, Enthusiasts, & Experts

It sure is spectacular to do an expert hike in the summer, but what you didn't know is that it is just as fantastic to hike some easy trails with magical views! If you are a beginner then easy trails are great for you and don't worry, they are just as beautiful! Enthusiasts are usually more on the intermediate side of things while experts go all out and hike for hours! 

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Now, you may be wondering where you fit into this and if there are even that many trails in Quebec. The truth is that everyone can complete at least one category of these hikes! In addition, Montreal is SO CLOSE to SO MANY hiking trails whether they be in Quebec, Vermont, or Maine. So, get ready and book your next road trip.

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Epic Hikes For Beginners Near Montreal:

1. île Nue de Mingan - Mingan Archipelago National Park, QC

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Length: 8.3 km (loop around the island) // 3.5 hours

Hike around the beautiful “barrens” of the île Nue de Mingan! This tundra-style landscape offers fabulous views as you hike your worries away.

2. Wolfe’s Neck State Park, Freeport

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Length: 5 miles in total// 1-5

Enjoy a variety of easy hiking trails along the Casco Bay that will offer you the views of both the forest and the coastline. This trail is located just 5 hours away from Montreal in Maine.

3. The Bigelow Fire Warden’s Trail, Franklin and Somerset Counties

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Length: 5 miles

Bigelow Mountain is the 6th tallest peak in Maine and Fire Warden Trail offers you the chance to experience it all! It may be steep, but it is short and peaceful and perfect for this summer. Plus, it's only 3 hours away from Montreal!

4. The Cadillac South Ridge Trail, Acadia National Park

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Length: 3.5-miles

Cadillac Mountain is the tallest peak on the east coast of the US! Not only can you enjoy camping, but also hiking trails that lead to a beautiful summit that is most stunning during the sunrise. Plus, it's only 6 hours away from Montreal!

5. The Ocean Path, Acadia National Park

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Length: 3-5 hours

This hiking trail is pure beauty and very simple! The Hiking Ocean Path will give you views of the coast of Maine and the forests of Maine. Plus, it's only 6 hours away from Montreal.

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Epic Hikes For Enthusiasts Near Montreal:

1. Mount Tom, Woodstock

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Length: 3 miles

For a fabulous 3 hour road trip, I suggest checking this STUNNING hike! Located in Vermont, this "small" peak still puts up a hefty fight against hikers, but it is all worth it!

2. Vallée Bras du Nord - Saint Raymond, QC

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Length: 80 km (total)

Bring all your friends to come and check out this superb hiking trail! Not only does it offer spectacular views, but it is also family friendly and located right here in Quebec.

3. Camel's Hump

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Length: 8/10 miles

At Camels Hump, located in Vermont, you can try their INSANE and somewhat secret hike up the peak that is almost too epic to handle. You can see the highest peaks of Mount Marcy in New York, Mount Washington in New Hampshire and Vermont's Mount Mansfield on a clear summer day. Once at the top, you can sit and enjoy the view over a lovely picnic!

4. Mount Hor, Sutton

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Length: 2.9 miles // 1.5 hours

Covered in trees and a diverse amount of foliage, Mount Hor is drop dead gorgeous! It is located in Vermont and it is ONLY 2 hours away for a great time.

5. Owl's Head Trail, Groton

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Length: 30 minutes

Now, you may be thinking that this is a beginners Vermont hike, but the truth is that this it's steep path, it puts up quite a challenge for hikers!

6. Stowe Pinnacle, Stowe

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Length: 3 miles

This cute little 3 mile hike is literally 2 hours away from Montreal and 514% worth the drive. The views are stunning and it is truly fabulous.

7. Mount Pisgah

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Length: 4 miles and plan for about 3 hours

Vermont has done it AGAIN! Being only 2 hours away from Montreal, Mount Pisgah offers stunning mountain top views of emerald lakes and beautiful fauna.

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Epic Hikes For Experts Near Montreal:

1. The Knife Edge, Katahdin, Baxter State Park

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Length: 2,160-miles

This EXTREMELY advanced hike is so stunning that I couldn't help but put two photos. Being someone who has traveled to Switzerland, you could have told me that the first photo was of the Swiss Alps and fooled me!

2. Le Grand Tour​​​​​​​ - Parc National du Bic,​​​​​​​ QC

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Length: 3 hours

This rugged, highly diversified circuit leads to the foot of a cliff and along the beach, as well as through a forested area.

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3. The 100-Mile Wilderness, Northern Maine​​​​​​​

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Length: 100 miles

The 100 mile Wilderness Hike is honestly something that deserves to be on every expert's bucket list. The trail is beautiful bu hardcore! It runs over mountain ranges and past lakes along the northern section of the Appalachian Trail.

4. L'Acropole-des-Draveurs​​​​​​​ - Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie​​​​​​​, QC

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Length: 4 - 6 hours

This trail takes you into the forest and up to the first mountain peak, after which you’ll be plunged into an alpine environment featuring plant life and fabulous vistas of the Rivière Malbaie valley and surrounding mountains.

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5. The Long Trail ​​​​​​​

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Length: 273 miles

It is nearly impossible to hike the FULL trail end to end, but This Vermont hike is stunning and an attempt is definitely necessary. They have multiple shorter hikes so pick and choose wisely!