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We all know that Montreal has hundreds of cafes and it's pretty hard to choose one especially if it's for a date. Well, not to worry because the list below composes of Montreal's most charming cafes! These cafes are cute, romantic, and intimate enough for you to really get to know your date.

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Cafe dates are perfect for the fall since you can enjoy a nice warm drink and also a good time with that extra special someone! So start planning, because winter is on its way!

1. Be Her Prince Charming At TOI, MOI & CAFÉ

A photo posted by Yvonne Kaelin (@yvonnekaelin) on

2695 Rue Notre-Dame O

You will find yourself sweeping your date off her feet is you take her to this cute little cafe. It is located right near Atwater Market and the Lachine Canal! So after a nice cup of coffee, I suggest taking a romantic walk along the water and maybe even buying some little pumpkins!


2. Be Her Prince Charming At Café Sfouf

A photo posted by Ma Angelica Ivy Aliño (@alinoangelica) on

1250 Rue Ontario E

For a Middle Eastern delight, take your date to this charming cafe! These Middle Eastern cakes are amazing with a freshly brewed coffee or latte. You will enjoy the cozy atmosphere and your delightful food with someone who you plan on pulling the moves on.


3. Be Her Prince Charming At La Croissanterie Figaro

A photo posted by Own The Couture (@ownthecouture) on

5200 rue Hutchison

For a late night last minute date at 1 am, La Croissant Figaro is the place for you! They have a stunning terrasse and honestly the best snacks! Whenever I go, I can honestly say that it feel like I am Paris all over again so it's pretty damn charming!

4. Be Her Prince Charming At Caravane Cafe

A photo posted by Simon Lopez ? World traveler ? (@lopezsimon) on

124 Rue St-Viateur Ouest

Located in Côte-des-Neiges, Caravane is known for amazing coffees and perfect dates! This cafe is great for really getting to know someone. So, bring our date for a charming lovely time.


5. Be Her Prince Charming At Melk

A photo posted by 寒迪? (@handi.xx) on

5612 Av de Monkland

Monkland Village sure is full of great cute places to take a date but, I recommend heading to Melk! This hipster cafe is absolutely adorable and I can guarantee you and your date will have a magical time!


6. Be Her Prince Charming At Arhoma

A photo posted by Vira (@enchantee_x) on

1700 Ontario E

For a bakery cafe where you can snack and fall in love, Arhoma is the perfect place to be. They have a beautiful seating area, great caffeine, yummy pastries, and delectable sandwiches to accompany you and your date. It’s all homemade and absolutely delicious! They have a beautiful terrasse that is perfect for a fall date.


7. Be Her Prince Charming At Larue & Fils

A photo posted by Gabii??? (@gabriellestpierre) on

244, De Castelnau est

For some absolutely perfect coffee and perfect date with that special someone, I suggest checking out Larue & Fils! They have great freshly brewed coffee that will make your date fall in love! They are simply perfect and they offer a great relaxing environment making your date even more amazing.


8. Be Her Prince Charming At Le Couteau

A photo posted by Guillaume (@courchesne_) on

4627 Rue Saint-Denis

Le Couteau is a simply adorable cafe where you can sit, talk, and fall in love with your date over a fresh cup of coffee. They have adorable cacti on each table and a charming environment. It is insanely cute and perfect for making that next move!


9. Be Her Prince Charming At Cafe Santropol

A photo posted by Jehanne-Marie Milne (@wellnessbyjehanne) on

3990 Rue Saint-Urbain

For a cozy outdoors date this fall, I recommend checking out Santropol! Their cute outdoor garden is perfect for a princess date. The garden is beautiful and absolutely perfect for an adorable date! Just be sure to bring a horse and carriage.


10. Be Her Prince Charming At Arts Cafe

A photo posted by @cappubingo on

201 Avenue Fairmount O

For a stylish vintage cafe that is perfect for sweet, sweet loving, I recommend checking out Arts Cafe! They serve breakfast and it then transforms into the perfect date location. This cafe is absolutely great to for a sweet short date to really get to know someone.


11. Be Her Prince Charming At Cafe Parvis

A photo posted by ˢᴱᴱᴷ ᴬᴺᴰ (@kaylee_yepark) on

433 Rue Mayor

This cafe is perfect for when you just want a naturally cute date vibe. The cafe is adorable and great for an intimate and charming time. So, when you just want to make sure everything is actually perfect, this is the place for you!


12. Be Her Prince Charming At Tommy Cafe

A photo posted by Claire (@itshealthyclaire) on

200 Rue Notre-Dame O

Located in Old Montreal, Tommy Café is a cozy place to go to for a little Sunday date! You can enjoy a delicious latte and some great biscuits! So, bring your charming personality and that special someone for a lovely time.


13. Be Her Prince Charming At Cafe Aunja

A photo posted by Ashley 애슐리? (@a_carpediem) on

1448 Rue Sherbrooke O

If you happen to go to Concordia University, then you have probably heard of Cafe Aunja and hey, if your date happens to go there also, why not take her here on one of her breaks! This is an adorable cafe that is absolutely perfect for you to pull those moves.


14. Be Her Prince Charming At Dispatch Cafe

A photo posted by Ali (@inayali) on

267 Rue Saint Zotique O

For some cute and yummy sandwiches that pair perfectly with your charming personality, I recommend heading down to Dispatch cafe. You can nibble on delicious treats while you get to know that special someone.


15. Be Her Prince Charming At Moustache café

A photo posted by Moustache Café (@lemoustachecafe) on

35 Beaubien Est

For a fun and just about as cute as it can get coffee, I recommend checking out Moustache café! All their drinks come in a cup that has a mustache on it and you can even get mustache cookies! It’s a superb place to take your date for the first time! It’s also great for those cute pictures we know your girl wants to take. They have a fun-loving atmosphere with unique drinks and beautiful plants. They even have a superb terrasse for this fall!


16. Be Her Prince Charming At September Surf Cafe

A photo posted by P H I L ?Montreal (@mister.allard) on

2471 Rue Notre-Dame O

This simply cute cafe is honestly perfect for any date! They are super simple and you won’t be attacked by plants like in other cafes. Their ambiance is very relaxing so you won’t feel stressed if this is your first date! In other words, it’s perfect for you to get that girl you want!


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