16 Cheap, Normal, Rich, & Extreme Breakfast Spots In Montreal You Must Try

Brunch by budget!
16 Cheap, Normal, Rich, & Extreme Breakfast Spots In Montreal You Must Try

There are pretty insane breakfast spots that you can go to in Montreal, but most people think that it comes at a cost. The truth is, that you can have epic brunch at any price! Trust me, you can plan a A1 level date without breaking the bank, or if you prefer you can have an epic date and drop some bills!

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Depending on the occasion, you might want to go big and break the bank or keep things lowkey. So, to help us all out I have composes this list of cheap, normal, expensive, and extreme breakfast spots that you can choose from! So, if it's you and your bae's anniversary you might want to got on the more expensive side and if it's a cute morning with your BFF you can check out the cheap options!

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Cheap Breakfast Spots:

1. Le Vieux Saint-Laurent

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3993 Boul St-Laurent

For a cheap but amazing classic breakfast in Montreal, check out Le Vieux St-Laurent! You can order a classic egg, bacon, and toast meal for under $10, including coffee. It doesn't get much better than this.


2. Fairmount Bagel

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74 Avenue Fairmount O

One of Montreal’s most classic bagel institutions, it’s no surprise that Fairmount gets the salmon and lox so fantastically correct. It's hot, fresh, and ready for eating!


3. Vieux Velo

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59 Rue Beaubien E

For some 80's style breakfast in the Plateau, check out Vieux Velo! This cafe is cute AF and so cheap. The food is 514% delicious without breaking the bank. It is deficiently a must try breakfast spot!


4. Olive & Gourmando

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351 Rue Saint Paul O

Located in the historic Old Montreal, Olive et Gourmando offers simple and healthy brunch options. I suggest siting down for some fancy dishes! Now, this isn't a brunch location that you come dressed to for the Oscar's, but it is definitely a place that serve bomb and fancy dishes!


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Normal Breakfast Spots:

1. Régine Café

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1840 Rue Beaubien E

This French style café is perfect for a classy brunch in Montreal. I strongly recommend coming here if you are with a big group of your girlfriends! The restaurant is decorated with in vintage Parisian and it’s honestly a lovely place where you can dress up!


2. Prohibition​​​​​​​

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5764 Avenue de Monkland

Dress it up, or dress it down at Prohibition in Montreal! Not only do they serve the best brunch comfort food in town, but they also do it with style. this is 514% A place you want to be at in the morning!


3. Restaurant L’Avenue​​​​​​​

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922 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

If you want to feel like you are in the retro ’90s enjoying a yummy brunch, then I suggest coming to L’Avenue! It’s a great location to feel like you are in an old 90’s movie while enjoying 3D murals. The food is great and it’s the perfect location to laugh and catch up with your friends before the holidays.


4. Festin De Babette​​​​​​​

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4085 Rue Saint Denis

For a gourmet breakfast, this is the place for you! They offer smoked salmon eggs benedict that are accompanied by a salad, scalloped potatoes, soup and chocolate mousse for those who just can't get enough of breakfast food. The food is heavenly and you will be filled up pretty quick.


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Expensive Breakfast Spots:

1. Le Passé Composé

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1310 Boul de Maisonneuve E

If you don’t mind waiting in line this winter, then you should check out Le Passé Composé! It is honestly the cure for anything and everything! Their food is so delicious that you are bound to forget about all your worries. It is honestly THE brunch place in Montreal for a fancy and delicious time.


2. Foiegwa​​​​​​​

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3001 Rue Notre-Dame O

This awesome French style diner located in St-Henri has people talking and it definitely does not disappoint. Foiegwa’s charm lies in the white ceramic ceiling walls filled with framed portrait caricatures. This cool place delivers fine French cuisine in an upscale diner setting – unlike anything else in Montreal; you get the best of both worlds!


3. The Sparrow​​​​​​​

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5322 Boul St-Laurent

This cool restaurant has a vintage style with exposed brick walls and wooden chairs, giving it an old bar look to it. You get to enjoy the cool rustic atmosphere all while enjoying a fantastic breakfast! Located in the plateau like most restaurants with amazing ambiance, you won’t want to miss out on this one!


4. Fabergé

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25 Avenue Fairmount O

This amazing little breakfast place located in the Mile End is your number one cure anyone lacking a good start to any day. Not only is their food delicious, but it's refreshing and perfect to get rid of any negativity. Trust me, this is the place you want to go when you have a crazy day ahead!


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Extreme Breakfast Spots:

1. Le Chien Fumant​​​​​​​

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4710 Rue de Lanaudiere

This truly is a Montreal gem! Le Chien Fumant has a brunch menu that will blow your mind into a new fancy dimension. To give you some ideas of what I mean just listen to the sound of this:

- breakfast enchilada, hashbrown, blt, pork belly chili sauce

- cod ''brandade'' scotch egg, salad & aioli

- hOMEMADE PANCAKES, fruits jam & whipped cream

- Steaks & eggs, mashed potatoes



- Ribsteak for two, 12 eggs and sides


2. Hambar​​​​​​​

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355 Rue McGill

If you have trouble making choices while being fancy, then Hambar will definitely give you a run for their money! With their large variety of choice, you can always except nothing less than perfect and classy at Hambar.


3. La Societé​​​​​​​

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1415 Rue de la Montagne

La Societé is definitely the place to be if you are looking for the whole fancy package from valet to gourmet brunch dishes. I recommend trying their eggs benedict for a true explosion of flavours in your mouth! It's fancy, classy, and yummy!


4. Restaurant Salmigondis

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6896 St Dominique

Restaurant Salmigondis has a fabulous weekend brunch that you absolutely MUST try, but that comes at a cost. It is pretty $$$ but trust me it's 514% worth it is you want to treat yourself!