16 Cheap, Normal, Rich, & Extreme Restaurants In Montreal You Must Try

Customized to your budget!
16 Cheap, Normal, Rich, & Extreme Restaurants In Montreal You Must Try

There are pretty insane restaurants that you can go to in Montreal, but most people think that it comes at a cost. The truth is, that you can have epic date night at any price! Trust me, you can plan a A1 level date without breaking the bank, or if you prefer you can have an epic date and drop some bills!

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Depending on the occasion, you might want to go big and break the bank or keep things lowkey. So, to help us all out I have composes a list of cheap, normal, expensive, and extreme restaurants that you can choose from! So, if it's you and your bae's anniversary you might want to got on the more expensive side and if it's a night out with your BFF you can check out the cheap options!

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Cheap Restaurants:


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1641 Saint-Denis

CINKO only serves meals of $5... Yes, you heard correctly! So, instead of spending an arm and a leg at an expensive restaurant with your BFF, you should just bring them here! Not only is it super cheap, but also amazing whether it be the ambiance or food!


2. Le Warehouse

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1446 Rue Crescent

Le Warehouse only serves meals of $5... Yes, you heard correctly! So, instead of spending an arm and a leg at an expensive restaurant with your BFF, you should just bring them here! Not only is it super cheap, but also amazing whether it be the ambiance or food!


3. L'Gros Luxe

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L’Gros Luxe never disappoints! Not only can you order several dishes and expect nothing less than heaven on a plate, but you won't break the bank this Valentine's day! Their menu is fairly cheap so you can impress your date by telling her to order as many things as they like! You can definitely expect the bill to be under $50


4. Cafe Santropol

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3990 Rue Saint-Urbain

For a cozy outdoors study date once winter is over, I recommend checking out Santropol! Their cute outdoor garden is perfect for a relaxing study session. The garden is beautiful and absolutely perfect for an adorable study date!


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Normal Restaurants:

1. Koa Lua

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1446 Saint-Catherine St W / 1212 Union Ave

Koa Lua just screams VACATION! This restaurant is like a secret vacation spot for you and your date to chill and eat dinner! The ambiance is bright AF and perfect for a A1 night out.


2. La Belle Et La Boeuf​​​​​​​

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1620 Rue Ste-Catherine O

If you and your squad just absolutely loves sangria, then La Belle Et La Boeuf is the place for you! There are over 6 different flavors that each of your BFF's can get and trust me, they are delicious! This is a great place to have some drinks and laugh with your squad for a lowkey night with delicious poutines and Mac n' Cheese!


3. Andrea​​​​​​​

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3194, boul. Saint-Joseph

This restaurant truly has it all! They serve AMAZING pizza, FRESH seafood, and SUPERB pasta! I've been there so many times and every time I've ordered something new, I have fallen in love!


4. Toyo​​​​​​​

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2155 Rue de la Montagne

For a date that involves fresh fabulous food and a show, I suggest taking her to Toyo! They specialize in Teppanyaki cuisine where they put on a show while making your food. This is a great way to laugh and remain entertained while on a date. Not only do the chefs put on a show, but the chefs are also super interactive with your table! For a full meal including absolutely everything, it only costs between 20-40$ to have dinner and show.


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Expensive Restaurants:

1. Jatoba

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1184 Place Phillips

For some delicious white wine and some fabulous food as you eat under the lights, I recommend looking into Jatoba. Jatoba is a gorgeous garden terrasse where you can enjoy inspired classic Japanese and Chinese dishes made by their chef, Olivier Vigneault. It is definitely a restaurant on my bucket list!


2. Deville

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1425 Rue Stanley

If you love some awesome burgers and some even more delicious and larger than life drinks, I suggest checking out Deville! They have these amazing fish bowl drinks, doughnut balls, salads, burgers, and much more to make your mouths water!


3. Joe Beef​​​​​​​

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2491 Notre-Dame W

Joe Beef is known to be one of Montreal’s culinary gems! This is perfect for a first date since the atmosphere is super chill while the dishes are out of this world! So, you don't have to eat fancy to dine as a king and queen! Everything is fresh and prepared by experts.


4. Terrasse Place D'armes

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55 Saint-Jacques Street, 8th floor

If you love skylines and delicious (but a bit $$$) food on a hot summer night or cool spring evening, then Terrasse Place D'armes is the perfect place for you! This restaurant is lowkey in the sense that it's a rooftop terrasse, great drinks, and amazing food!


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Extreme Restaurants:

1. Europea​​​​​​​

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1227 de La Montagne

Headed by chef Jérôme Ferrer, Europea offers a French dining experience that is truly like no other. Their signature 12-course tasting menu is $120 of pure lovely food. This is a perfect location to pretend like you are in Paris on Valentine's day with that extra special someone.


2. Toqué

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900 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle

Ranked as one of the top 100 restaurants in the world, this is the place where you must take your date to make it official! You can even try their tasting menu that will let you sample the best dishes for $129. There’s even a wine-pairing option but this will cost you about $200.


3. Milos​​​​​​​

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5357 Av du Parc

Milos is a superb restaurant for traditional Greek food. It is honestly gorgeous and the food is to die for! They offer a raw fish buffet and their specialized dish is fried zucchini and eggplant, IT’S SO GOOD and perfect for Valentine's day!


4. Auberge Saint-Gabriel

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426 Saint Gabriel

Auberge Saint-Gabriel is known for serving divine Québécois cuisine. Veal cheek braised in Porto ($34), squid ink ravioli ($29), suckling pig from straight from a farm in Quebec City ($49), and trout confit ($14) are some of their specialties that will have your wallet crying but your date falling in love.