16 Montreal Dessert Spots For Ice Cream Lovers, Cheesecake Lovers, & Chocolate Lovers

We all need s'more cheat days!
16 Montreal Dessert Spots For Ice Cream Lovers, Cheesecake Lovers, & Chocolate Lovers

Desserts... EVERYBODY loves a good classic Montreal dessert! Especially when it involves chocolate, poutines, cheesecake, and ice cream. So, if you happen to love sweet or savory treats, there is 514% something on this list for you!

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Trust me when I say that while looking at this list your mouth will water AF! I'm about to eat my screen right now since I haven't eaten yet. So, choose the dessert you are craving most and make today your cheat day!

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Dessert Spots For Ice Cream Lovers :

1. Ca Lem

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6926 Sherbrooke St W

Features: Tasty soft servers with spectacular flavors like coconut ash and pumpkin spice!


2. Kem CoBa

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60 Avenue Fairmount O

Featuring: Soft-serve ice cream with flavors that change daily!


3. Wild Willy's

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20 Cartier Ave

Featuring: Giant ice cream bowls!


4. La Diperie

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68 Pins Ave E | Multiple locations

Featuring: vanilla ice cream dipped in delicious chocolate flavors!


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Dessert Spots For Cheesecake Lovers:

1. Rockaberry

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Multiple locations

Featuring: cheese cake combined with crumbles to make the Apple cheese crumble!


2. Atwater Market

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3025 St Ambroise St

Featuring: Première Moisson serves the best classic and most fresh cheesecake ever!


3. Reuben's Deli

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1116 Rue Ste-Catherine O

Featuring: Ranging from your classic strawberry-topped to a mango puree variety.


4. Chenoy's

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6200 Boulevard Taschereau

Featuring: the high stacked classic cheese cake for two!

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Dessert Spots For Chocolate Lovers:

1. C'ChoColat

C'Wow chez C'ChôColat: Warm caramel drizzle on top of a dark chocolate dome, on top of gelato, on top of waffle pieces, on top of brownie bits, on top of crumble, on top of mixed berries, on top of pecans 👅💦 #ontopofdiabetes

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1255 Rue Bishop

Featuring: The famous chocolate bomb, candy milkshakes, and nutella sushi!


2. Cacao 70

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2087 Rue Sainte-Catherine

Featuring: Nutella s'more pizza and fondue!


3. Fous Desserts

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809, avenue Laurier Est

Featuring: croissants & high-end chocolates, plus palmiers, cakes, tarts & more


4. Mr. Puffs

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Multiple Locations

Featuring: Deep fried dough balls covered in nutella!


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Dessert Spots For Poutine Lovers:

1. Dirty Dogs

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25 Avenue du Mont-Royal East

Featuring: Mac n' cheese poutine!


2. Ma Poule Mouillée

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969 Rachel St E

Featuring: Poutines with chunks of meaty chorizo and flavorful, crispy pieces of Portuguese chicken.


3. L'Gros Luxe

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Featuring: Tater tots covered in gravy and cheese!


4. Patati Patata​​​​​​​

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4177 Boul St-Laurent

Featuring: Awesome potatoes, savory gravy, and chunks of fresh and tasty cheese curds.

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