16 Facts That Prove Smoking Marijuana Is Good For Your Health

It can reduce pain and anxiety.
16 Facts That Prove Smoking Marijuana Is Good For Your Health

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Before I even begin this article, I want to clarify that this is simply an opinion piece based off of my own research and finding. Please do not immediately jump to trolling. Although this is something I believe in, again after my own research,  it may not necessarily be yours. I don’t expect you to take what I say to heart, but if you a firmly against marijuana use, try to maybe open your mind to other possibilities.

With that being said: 6% of all studies of marijuana analyze its benefits for health purposes.

The State University of New York at Albany and the Oxford University Press released findings that marijuana’s medical properties were traced back as far as 2737 B.C., which was spread throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Here are some health benefits to smoking marijuana:

1. Although it will not increase lung capacity, smoking marijuana can reverse the effects of tobacco and improve lost lung function.

2. In the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, studies showed that marijuana can actually prevent epileptic seizures.

3.  Marijuana decreases the symptoms of severe seizure disorder called Dravet’s Syndrome.

4. It can stop cancer from spreading.

5. It can decrease anxiety, suppress nausea, and relieve pain.

6. Not proven to cure, but can slow the progression of alzheimer’s disease.

7. THC will reduce pain of nerves and muscles to control spasms, particularly useful for MS patients.

8. Get this: marijuana is 86% effective in the treatment of Hepatitis C infections.

9. Treats bowel diseases.

10. Reduces inflammations and discomfort in people with arthritis.

11. Even though potheads eat more, they actually have a stronger metabolism and respond better to sugars.

12. Improves sleep for people with parkinsons disease.

13. The plant can help reduce the affected area of the brain from stroke – or even protect the brain from damage.

14. Increases sleep patterns – considered a sleep aid.

15. Stimulates appetite for people who undergo chemotherapy.

Basically how it works is that there are two components to marijuana that help prevent and fight infection or/and diseases. These two components are: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidol (CBD). Both these active chemicals target a receptor found in the brain which is found to quiet the response to the brain. It also helps regress cancer cells from becoming aggressive spreaders by turning off a the ‘cancer gene.’

There is still so much to be said about marijuana's benefits and its compounds. There is prominent evidence to the positive use of cannabis, hence why it’s become legal in 23 states.

If you really want to read into accessing the science behind the beneficial uses of marijuana, I highly suggest picking up the book of Marijuana As Medicine:: The Science Beyond the Controversy.

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