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16 "Hidden" Cafes In Montreal You And Your BFF Absolutely Need To Discover This Summer

It's no secret that Montreal's coffee scene is unparalleled. In most cities you'll find a Starbucks on every block, which is a decent option but Montreal takes their coffee culture to a whole other level by having an independent coffee shop on every block instead.

Hidden Cafes In Downtown Montreal

Don't take my word for it though, just go for a 15 minute walk out of your apartment and I bet you'll be able to count at least 3 independent cafes around you. Some people may see this as a little bit overkill, but with each cafe being unique and special unlike the generic coffee chains we usually get stuck with, how could you really complain?

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This is one of the things that makes Montreal my favourite city to live in. If you know me, you know that I'm more than a little obsessed with coffee and I spend way more than my fair share of time at independent cafes. But can you blame me? Montreal is home to some of the cutest, hippest and coziest cafes that are perfect for escpaing for the day. And with top notch coffee and delicious treats at all of them, what else could you ask for?

If you haven't fully immersed yourself in the coffee world of Montreal yet, I'm here to help you out. Grab your BFF and head over to one of these adorable cafes that are definitely out of the norm. We have cafes in old banks, cafes that are teeming with plants and twinkly lights, and even cafes on boats! But be careful, once you've discovered the world of cute cafes, it will be impossible to go back. If you weren't a caffeine addict before, you'll be hooked in no time. This list of cafes is categorized by Montreal burrow, so choose the one closest to you, or one you haven't had the chance to fully explore yet, and do a cafe crawl!

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Saint Henri Cafes: 

1. September Surf Cafe 

via @hey.maca

2471 Notre-Dame St West

This cafe opened just last year and it's now a Saint Henri classic. With amazing coffee, abundant brunch and snack options, and simple but cute decor this cafe has everything you could want. They're a surf-themed cafe and they occasionnally make surf boards in the back with a window for customers to watch!

2. Cafe Campanelli 

via @inayali

4634 Notre-Dame St W

This cafe is the perfect place to bring your BFF for some R&R this summer. The rustic feel of this place mixed with their perfectly made espresso drinks will make you feel comfortable and after you come you definitely won't want to leave. They also have sandwiches and salads if you're looking for a lunch spot as well!

3. Lili & Oli Cafe 

via @sweetyams

2713 Notre-Dame St W

This another Saint Henri classic. They serve impeccable espresso drinks and they even have a parrot named Alex that calls this place his home! And by the looks of their Instagram geotag you'll also find lots of cute dogs that stop by with their owners as well. Grab your best friend and enjoy some good coffee, company and dog-watching!

4. Cafe Saint Henri 

via @joyceintoronto

3632 Notre-Dame St W

This Saint Henri cafe is pretty unique. They have old pews that they upgraded to seating, and some of the best croissants you'll find here in Montreal. They have a laid back vibe which is perfect for bringing your work or for bringing your BFF for quick catch-up.

Bonus: Canal Lounge Cafe Flottant 

via @narcity_montreal

22 Atwater Ave

The floating boat cafe isn't necessarily a cafe, it's more of a floating bar but it still deserves a spot on this list. Located right on the Lachine Canal near the Atwater Market, it's the perfect hidden spot to take your BFF. Enjoy floating and drinking your worries away (coffee or alcohol) on this one of a kind cafe!

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Plateau Cafes: 

1. Cafe Melbourne 

via @lagrandeblonde94

4615 St Laurent Blvd

This upper plateau Australian-inspired cafe makes some insane creations. They recently released their lucky charms latte and pink latte which are flying out of store. They also started opening for brunch on the weekends and make some crazy delicious plates like a matcha black sesame hotcake topped with vanilla ice cream, matcha toast topped with cotton candy, or their classic avocado toasts.

2. La Distributrice 

via @adbeus

408 Mont-Royal Ave E

Dubbed the smallest cafe in North America, this cafe is basically a small closet with an espresso machine inside. They have a service window at the front where you order your amazing espresso drink and they pass it right out to you. It's definitely one of the cutest hidden wonders of Montreal.

3. Cafe OSMO  

via @carlamavaddat

51 Sherbrooke St W

Cafe OSMO is probably one of my favourite cafes in the plateau. It's attached to Notman House, which is home to the offices of Montreal-based startup companies. They created a cafe to promote collaboration and the unique geometrical design of the chairs and open skylights make this a perfect place to come and chill or bring your startup ideas!

4. Noble Cafe 

via @farahbenosman

430 Laurier Ave E

This cafe is more in the Mile End than the Plateau, but it still deserves a spot on this list. It's a tiny cafe that serves some of the best espresso and unique ice cream treats in the city. Get your coffee and ice cream craving satisfied in one by ordering their affogato, or get a cookie dough ice cream sandwich if you're really looking to indulge. Enjoy lounging in the cute green chairs they put outfront in the summertime!

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Old Montreal Cafes: 

1. Crew Collective & Cafe 

via @mi_ne45

360 St Jacques St

If you haven't ventured over to this cafe yet, you really need to. It's built into an old RBC bank from the 1920s, which makes you feel like you're drinking your latte in style. They kept all of the old teller windows, ceilings and massive light fixtures giving it an authentic feel. This space is also used as a collective work space, where startups can rent meeting rooms for an hour at a time.

2. Flyjin Cafe 

via @flyjincafe

Suite 102, 417 Rue Saint-Pierre

This grand-and-go cafe is one of the cutest cafes in Old Montreal. Grab a unique flavoured latte, suhch as their maple syrop or vanilla latte, or cool down with a sweet affogato. Stop for a coffee here with your BFF and continue strolling through the sprawling cobble-stone streets of Old Montreal!

3. Olive et Gourmando 

via @mtlatable

351 Saint-Paul St W

This is an Old Montreal classic for all your brunch needs. You have the option of walking in, grabbing a coffee and one of their mouth-watering pastries, or take a seat at one of their intimate tables and have a sit-down brunch or lunch. You won't regret a second you spend at this cute cafe.

4. Thé Mon Cafe 

via @cam_ds

376 Notre-Dame St W

This cafe and brunch spot is one of the most under-rated Old Montreal cafes. They make delicious coffee, and amazing brunch options like their raspberry croissant, breakfast sandwiches and open faced sandwiches. Grab your BFF and head over to this cafe ASAP.

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Downtown Cafes: 

1. Leaves Cafe 

via @nourelm

2051 Rue de la Montagne

Leaves cafe is definitely the most photogenic cafe I've ever been to. I couldn't help taking pictures of it while I was there. With their hanging twinkly lights, walls of cute cacti, and perfectly created lattes you can't blame me right? Another bonus for this cafe is that they are completely cruelty free, so no regular milk will be found here, only coconut, almond or soy milks!

2. HVMANS Cafe 

via @camillepwlczk

1455 Saint-Catherine St W

Cute cafes with plants is apparently a downtown cafe theme right now. This cafe just opened a couple months ago and they've already blown up. You can find me here at least 2 days out of the week because it's just so awesome. They make amazing coffee, their pastries are delicious and there's tons of seating space to study and bring your friends!

3. Cafe Aunja 

via @dasfancy

1448 Sherbrooke St W

This Persian cafe is so homey feeling you won't ever want to leave. They've got big comfy chairs, hanging lights and delicious teas and coffee. It's the perfect place to bring your work or to catch-up with your closest friends.

4. Shaughnessy Cafe 

via @kristiin.lee

1455 Rue Lambert Closse

Another one of my downtown faves, Shaughnessy cafe has a whole lot to offer. Their coffee always has perfect latte art, their pastries are flaky and yummy, and they have a cool vibe 24/7.

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