16 Insane Trips Around The World You Need To Go On With Your Boyfriend Before You Get Married

Experience what this planet has to offer together.
16 Insane Trips Around The World You Need To Go On With Your Boyfriend Before You Get Married

Travelling the world is great. You get to see and experience things that you would never get to experience here in Canada. For instance, you would never get to sit on a beach in Indonesia and watch the sun rise over the ocean. You would never get to snorkel in a coral reef surrounded by thousands of different exotic species. And you would never get to hike up a 15,000 foot mountain for a breathtaking view.

All of these things you have to travel to see and they're most definitely worth it. If you're like most people you won't want to experience these things alone, so bring your best friend! There's so many amazing things to do in the world that are perfect for an adventure with your best friend.

If you're looking for inspiration, you've gotta read this list!

3. Cuddle With The Kitties On Cat Island In Tashirojima, Japan

Big Body at Large

A photo posted by Damien (@damiengc1) on

Reason To Go: Cats outnumber humans 6:1

Best Time To Go: April-July

4. Gamble Your Money Away At Casino de Monte Carlo In Monaco

A photo posted by @aidana01 on

Reason To Go: Feel like royalty while you gamble at a palace

Best Time To Go: March-May

5. Bike Along The Canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ending on a high??

A photo posted by Flora (@flora.sc) on

Reason To Go: Classic views of the city

Best Time To Go: March-May

6. Get Colourful At The Holi Festival In India

Holi India ? fête dès couleurs ? #fetedescouleurs #happyholi #holiindia #happycolors #india #holicolors

A photo posted by Mélanie Jolly (@me_jolly) on

Reason To Go: Get to participate in a fun, traditional Indian festival

Best Time To Go: Occurs the day after the full moon in March every year

7. Soak In The Blue Lagoon In Iceland

Chillin' at the blue lagoon after a few days of roaming the island w/ @discoverearth Location: Bláa lónið, Iceland

A photo posted by Thomas Eckhoff (@thomaseckhoff) on

Reason To Go: You can relax in the most beautiful attractions in Iceland

Best Time To Go: Height of summer solstice in June

8. Visit The Colourful Town Of Cinque Terre, Italy

Just WOW !! ?? Ciao Italy ? #cinqueterra #cingueterre #WorldTour

A photo posted by RMD Chrys Alex◾️Official (@chrysalex_official) on

Reason To Go: All 5 towns are no more than 2 hours apart

Best Time To Go: May-September

9. Ride The Camels In Morocco

???? #camel#palmeiral#palmtree#marrakech#morocco#wonderfulworld#africa#instanature#animals#goodexperience#color#moroccotrip @igersmarrakech @wonderful.earth.pics

A photo posted by R I T A C O E L H O (@anaritaaacoelho) on

Reason To Go: Fun, cultural way to explore the desert of Morocco

Best Time To Go: May-July

10. Go Swimming In The Tamolitch Blue Pool In The Oregon Forest

Tamolitch Pool, Oregon | Photography by @everchanginghorizon #TheProTraveler

A photo posted by Edmond Sultan (@theprotraveler) on

Reason To Go: Insanely clear water perfect for summer swims

Best Time To Go: May-September

11. Eat A Donut With An Entire Jar Of Nutella In Australia

My one and only. #loveatfirstbite @lucy87

A photo posted by DOUGHNUT TIME (@doughnut_time) on

Reason To Go: Because who doesn't love Nutella?

Best Time To Go: All year round!

12. Go Paragliding In The Swiss Alps

Took quite the literal leap of faith today... Off the side of a mountain. #faceyourdamnfears

A photo posted by Rebecca Charles (@becks_mariee) on

Reason To Go: Face your fears and run off the side of a mountain into midair!

Best Time To Go: June-August

13. Watch The Northern Lights In Sweden

暑すぎてアカン。。。氷点下願望(*´⌔`*) * #願望 #氷点下願望

A photo posted by tatsuo_miura_ (@tatsuo_miura_) on

Reason To Go: Amazing views of the famous, natural light show

Best Time To Go: September-March

14. Go On A Wine Tasting Tour In Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany romance #tuscanwinelover #grapetours #joinusintuscany

A photo posted by Tuscan Wine Tours Grape Tours (@tuscanwinetours) on

Reason To Go: Get a taste of Italy's most amazing wine

Best Time To Go: September

15. Soak In One Of The Thermal Baths In Budapest

Magical place✨. #Budapest #szechenyibaths #vscocam

A photo posted by @ememugnoz on

Reason To Go: Largest medicinal bath in Budapest

Best Time To Go: June-September

16. Party Like Crazy At A Full Moon Party In Thailand

A photo posted by Pukbung Ratchaporn (@yodpukbung) on

Reason To Go: You can party all night long with 10's of thousands of people

Best Time To Go: Every month on the full moon!

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