16 Lowkey, Fancy & Insane Bars You'll Want To Be Seen At In Montreal

Montreal has hundreds of bars, but we all want to go to those that are either lowkey, fancy, or completely INSANE! If you are more of a chill type then grab your chill friends and check out some of these lowkey bars. BUT, if you love dressing up then you check out the fancy bars. 

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There is 514% something on this list for everyone so choose the bar that suits you best! We all want to be seen at these spectacular bars for different reasons, whether for snapchat or instagram, so be sure to get ready with your camera!

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Lowkey Bars:

1. You'll Want To Be Seen At Fitzroy

via @fitzroymtl

551 Mont-Royal E

For a nice casual night out with all of your gang and no reservations, I suggest heading to Fitzroy! They have a huge space that boasts plenty of pool tables, couches, video games, plants, and two bars. It's hella lowkey and no heels required. Plus, everyone wants to be seen in a picture on their palm leaf wall!


2. You'll Want To Be Seen At Ping Pong Club

via @themain

5788 Boul St-Laurent

This bar has to be one of the cutest I've seen! It may look like a cafe, but they sure do know how to party minus the fancy crap! They obviously have Ping Pong (already a plus in my book) and their decor and drinks are SWEET!


3. You'll Want To Be Seen At Bar Darling

via @charlottegorchon

4328 St Laurent Blvd

Yes, all of your dreamshave come true! You can now have Tequila at 1PM to start off your day and coffee at Midnight to keep you up for a LIT AF night ahead at this amazing bar. So, forget about those average places that just serve dinner and then transform into a bar and check out Bar Darling where you can enjoy all of life's wonder... Coffee and Alcohol.


4. You'll Want To Be Seen At TRH-Bar

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699 Boul St-Laurent

For all those skaters out there, why not skate your heart away at 2 AM with a beer and all your buddies! And don't you sweat it, anyone can go to TRH-Bar even if you don't skate! Just put on your Vans and walk out the door! You can have a great time just by standing by the bowl and watching the skaters do their thing. Plus, there are two floors, and each play different music!


5. You'll Want To Be Seen At Le Mal Nécessaire

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1106 B Boulevard Saint-Laurent

For a spontaneous effortless night, Le Mal Nécessaire is the place for you... AND ME! not only do they have me obsessing over their neon green pineapple entrance, but they also have insane cocktails served in pineapples and coconuts!


6. You'll Want To Be Seen At Kampai

via @mean_beans

1628 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

Yes, the infamous neon-red light has made it's way on the list! Now Kampai is legit my favorite place on this list. You can dress it up or dress it down and you are guaranteed a chill night from the moment you walk in. It's lowkey with pool tables and even fabulous food before the party starts!


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Fancy Bars:

1. You'll Want To Be Seen At Auberge St-Gabriel

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420 Rue St-Gabriel Montreal, Quebec

For a extremely fancy night in a fabulous bar-resto, I recommend checking out Auberge St-Gabriel! The atmosphere is stunning and there is even a stone hallway that makes you feel like you are entering a castle!


2. You'll Want To Be Seen At Le Champagnerie

via @raveenagill89

343 Rue Saint Paul Est

For those champagne lovers like me, there's truly no other place to be than Le Champagnerie! It is absolutely stunning and that bubbly is A1. You can dress it up and feel like a queen.


3. You'll Want To Be Seen At Big In Japan

via @amandaa.bui

4175 Boul St-Laurent

Big in Japan sure does live up to it's name! This bar is huge and features some of the most amazing decor and drinks. You can dress it up and feel like you entered a whole other world!


4. You'll Want To Be Seen At Mayfair

via @mayfaircocktailbar

451 Rue Rachel

Mayfair is the definition of a cute and fancy bar. Their drinks are A1 and their atmosphere is cozy! I recommend coming here on a girls night out if you are looking for something a bit more fancy.


5. You'll Want To Be Seen At Pullman

via @nat_tb15

3424, av. du Parc

If you love win and tapas, then be sure to check out Pullman on a fancy summer night in Montreal. They offer some of the best wines in addition to a fabulous time!


6. You'll Want To Be Seen At Joverse

via @toddyflores

52 rue Saint-Jacques

Not only is Joverse one of my favorite bars, it is also known for their fabulous food! You can dress it up here and enjoy some spectacular drinks along with great dancing.


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Insane Bars:

1.Candi Bar

via @cam_boulou

1148 Mont-Royal Ave E

Candi bar literally serves the most INSANE drinks! Of course it is candy themed and has bright colors around every corner. But what you don't know is that it is great for those looking for an insane night out.


2. Bord'Elle

via @martinsjhusar

390 Rue Saint-Jacques

Bord'Elle is an absolute must visit in Montreal. The bar has a Great Gatsby theme with girls hanging from the ceiling and clientele dancing beneath them. The drinks are just and insane as the atmosphere!


3. Snowbird Tiki Bar

via @jojobizarre

6714 St Laurent Blvd

For those of you who love insane Tiki drinks, I suggest checking out this tiki themed bar called Snowbird Tiki Bar! It just opened in Montreal this year and has already deserved the title of INSANE.


4. Oasis Surf

via @zoeal98

Suite 01, 9520 Boulevard Leduc

Oasis surf happens to be a bar in Brossard where you can drink up and hang loose! You can surf before hand and then drink your heart away or drink while you watch other surf.


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