16 Montreal BYOW Restaurants You Gotta Try ASAP

You will have a 'div-wine' time!
16 Montreal BYOW Restaurants You Gotta Try ASAP

Montreal sure has fabulous restaurants and they also have great access to delightful wines! So, why not pair the two together to make the perfect first date and one of Montreal BYOW restaurants. First dates are always hard to plan but don't worry, there is a simple way out and it's BYOW restaurants!

Down below is a list that composes of a variety of different restaurants that all allow you to Bring Your Own Wine! These restaurants are all romantic and perfect for that first date!

1. Wine And Dine At Saigon 27

Dîner avec @kimkimmedy • la meilleure soupe tonkinoise de la vie • c'est l'automne • #tonki #soup #pho #yummy

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477 boul. St.Laurent

If you love wine and Vietnamese-Thai restaurants, then take that extra special date to this sweet restaurant! Located in Old Montreal, this restaurant is honestly amazing and perfect for a wine experience. It is absolutely perfect for a first date with a sweet tooth for wine!


2. Wine And Dine At O’Thym

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1112 Boul de Maisonneuve E

For a chic dinner date with divine French cuisine I suggest going to this BYOW restaurant! Your first date will be absolutely shocked and swept off her feet with the gourmet food and delightful wine.


3. Wine And Dine At Le Showwok

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2081 rue Ste. Catherine O.

This restaurant specializes in Chinese and Thai cuisine with a little modern twist. It is the perfect location for a first date and tasty wine of your choice!


4. Wine And Dine At Le Millen

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1185 Rue Fleury E

This Ahuntsic restaurant is classy and honestly delicious! They offer upscale dishes that pair perfectly with your reds and white wines! This is honestly a perfect location for a first date and to really impress that special someone.


5. Wine And Dine At Pizzeria Napoletana

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189 Rue Dante

This little pizza joint is just the cutest and absolutely DELICIOUS! Their pizza and pasta is honestly to die for! Your date can enjoy breathtaking dishes and the sweetest wine that you picked out! This has to be my favorite BYOW restaurant on the list!


6. Wine And Dine At Le Quartier Général

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1251 Rue Gilford

Le Quartier Général is a cute little French restaurant that you can treat that extra special someone too! Their gourmet French dishes are absolutely delicious and your date will be super impressed not only with your wine but also with your choise of venue.


7. Wine And Dine At Etat-Major

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4005 Rue Ontario Est

For some great seafood that will a sure a swimmingly well time, I suggest taking your date to Etat-Major! This seafood is super fresh and can be amazingly paired with any wine. So, start texting your date and tell them about this awesome little restaurant!


8. Wine And Dine At East Africa

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5893 rue Sherbrooke O.

This authentic Ethiopian restaurant is perfect for a unique first date! They use many combinations of spices that will really spice up your night! So, pick out some wine, find that special person, and enjoy a night of your life!


9. Wine And Dine At Yuukai

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5658 Av du Parc

This casual and contemporary sushi restaurant can be perfectly paired with some delightful wine for you and your date. Sushi is always a great place for a first date and it is honestly super delicious at Yuukai!


10. Wine And Dine At Grenadine

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2004 Avenue de l’Hôtel-de-Ville

To set the romantic and intimate mood with your firt date then I suggest heading to this stunning restaurant called Grenadine! This restaurant serves delightful French dishes and has a cozy amosphere that is perfect for a divine wine night with your friest date.


11. Wine And Dine At Le Jardin de Panos

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521 Avenue Duluth E

If you love Greek food that you can enjoy with a nice glass of wine, then I suggest looking into Jardin de Panos! The food is absolutely exquisite and it is best served with a fresh glass of wine. The atmosphere is perfect for a first date!


12. Wine And Dine At Thanjai

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4759 Avenue Van Horne

For a vegetarian and gluten-free experience, I suggest taking your date out to Thanjai! This can be a fun new experience for the both of you! And worse comes to worse you'll have wine!


13. Wine And Dine At P’tit Plateau

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330 Rue Marie-Anne E

For French dishes bursting with flavor, I suggest heading to this charming sweet restaurant. Not only is the food superb, but the ambiance is lovely and perfect for a first date!


14. Wine And Dine At Tandem

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586 Villeray

For a chique and classy time at an extraordinary wine and dine restaurant, I recommend taking your date to Tamdem. This lovely restaurant is perfect for a sweet and simple first date that you can both enjoy.


15. Wine And Dine At Madre

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124 Rue Fleury Ouest

This cute little latino inspired restaurant is truly delightful! This is a super sweet restaurant that is honestly perfect for a first date! The food is exquisite nad perfect with a nice glass of wine! I promise that you will have a great time!


16. Wine And Dine At Chand Palace

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989 rue Jean Talon O.

Treat your date to some wine paired with superb Indian food from Chand Palace! They offer fish masala, biryanis, chaat papri, aloo tikki, chicken jalfrezi and much more! This is a perfect adventurous date for your taste buds!


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