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16 Montreal Spots You Can Take Your Boyfriend On A Date For Less Than $50

It is summer and love is in the air of Montreal! All the couples are out doing those cute things. Boyfriends are taking their girlfriends out but let's be honest, we sometimes forget that it's nice to give back you our boyfriends and treat them. I think it's about time that we girls start treating our boyfriends to fun romantic dates.

All of the places mentioned below are great ways to treat your boyfriend but they are also super fun for you too! I have personally taken my boyfriend to a majority of these places and I can honestly say we had a blast. I'm not saying that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on dates so I have compiled this list based on dates that are under 50$ each.

You don't need to empty your bank account to treat your boyfriend to a fun time in Montreal. So start planning and start texting your boyfriend for a great date on you! These options are fun for everyone.

Treat Your Boyfriend To A Montreal Impact Game

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For your soccer loving boyfriend, why not take him to an impact game! Tickets only start at 29$ and this activity can be fun for the both of you. The Montreal Impact is a great team to watch and their games are always intense. So choose a match and get your blue jerseys on!

Treat Your Boyfriend To An Adventurous Dinner

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If your boyfriend loves to be entertained while he eats, then I suggest checking out Toyo in Montreal. They specialize in Teppanyaki cuisine where they put on a show while making your food. For a full meal including absolutely everything, it only costs between 20-40$ to have dinner and show.

Treat Your Boyfriend To Comiccon

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Who doesn't love Comiccon? Well, if you haven't bough your boyfriend tickets yet, then get on it! Comiccon starts this Friday and the tickets are running out. Friday tickets are simply 25$, Saturday tickets are 39$, and Sunday tickets are 31$. So bring your boyfriend to see some of is favorite super heroes and actors. You guys can even dress up in matching costumes!

Treat Your Boyfriend To Paint Balling

A photo posted by C l a u d i n e P r é v o s t (@claudineprevost) on

Have some fun with your boyfriend and get competitive by taking him paint balling! Arnold Paintball is actually having a great special where on Sunday evenings it is only 11$ for indoor paint balling. So get competitive and make a fun bet on you will win this paint balling challenge

Treat Your Boyfriend To Go Carting

A photo posted by David Taschereau (@taschflow) on

Race into your boyfriends heart and take him go carting at Kart-o-Mania. It's only $ 28.70 for 15 crazy minutes of pure racing against your boyfriend. You will enjoy a fun indoor track that involves crazy turns and some sick competition.

Treat Your Boyfriend To Rock Climbing

A photo posted by Sean Kim (@seankimstagram) on

If you happen to be in a more athletic relationship, why not surprise your boyfriend and bring him rock climbing and Montreal's Allez Up! It is only 16.75$ for a day pass which means you can challenge eachother while geating a full day work out. They even have a super cool outdoors location!

Treat Your Boyfriend To Shisha

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If your boyfriend likes calm nights and talking, then I suggest checking out some of Montreal's best shisha lounges. Personally, my boyfriend truly enjoys going for shisha dates so why not treat him to a really great one in Montreal!

Treat Your Boyfriend To A Wine Tasting Night

A photo posted by Silviesessentials (@silviesessentials) on

Set the romantic mood and have a wine night with your boyfriend! Put on one of his favorite movies, cut up some cheese and bread, and prepare for a fun romantic night. This is fun for the both of you and it can be easily done!

Treat Your Boyfriend To Go Horseback Riding

A photo posted by Captiva Farms (@captivafarms) on

For only 45$, you and your boyfriend can enjoy an hour of beautiful horseback riding at Captiva Farms. It is a wonderful experience that is perfect for that fun loving boyfriend who digs animals.

Treat Your Boyfriend Too A S'mores Night

A photo posted by Iryna Bordiug (@wanderer_in_vogue) on

This one has to be my favorite date ever! Buy a s'mores kit at just about anywhere for under 10$ and set up a fire place in your backyard and gaze under the stars the stars in Montreal this summer. This is supper fun, messy, and cute for your sweet tooth loving boyfriend.

Treat Your Boyfriend To An Airbnb Chalet

A photo posted by Tina C ? (@boho_fish) on

I strongly recommend having a mini camping trip bu taking you boyfriend to the Outdoors Paradise. This simple, small, yet cute chalet is perfect for a fun anniversary that involves water slides, go carting, and hiking through the beautiful Dufresne Regional Park.

Book Here!

Treat Your Boyfriend To A Escape Game

A photo posted by A/MAZE Montreal Escape Game (@amazemontreal) on

If you and your boyfriend like mysteries, try one of Montreal’s escape games! If you want to be challenged then check out A/maze game! It’s so difficult that only 10% have ever finished it. So get your thinking cap on and try to outwit your boyfriend for only 30$.

Treat Your Boyfriend To An Indoor Skating Date

A photo posted by Ben Francolini (@benfrancolini) on

For that hockey playing boyfriend of yours, why not take him to the Atrium 1000 for a skating date. It's only 7.50$ and it truly is a cute little date that you can plan for your boyfriend.

Treat Your Boyfriend To A Shooting Range

A photo posted by Jeff Martin (@jeffmartin21) on

Go crazy and bring your boyfriend air gun shooting at Tir du Soleil! It is absolutely a perfect date to do with that adventurous boyfriend and it is only 15$ per hour! It's fun and perfect for that boyfriend of yours.

Treat Your Boyfriend To An Arcade Date

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For a fun way to spend the day, why not check out one of Montreal Arcades! It is a great way to have some fun little competition with you and your boyfriend and to even try and win some things.

Treat Your Boyfriend To Piknic Electronik

A photo posted by mtl (@jc.grondin) on

For only 15$, why not take your boyfriend to Montreal's Piknic Electronik that occurs every Sunday. The music is great for our EDM living boyfriend and both of you can have a great time enjoying Montreal's summer.

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