16 Really Weird Facts About Christmas In Montreal

Get to know Xmas in the city.
16 Really Weird Facts About Christmas In Montreal

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Christmas is quite the multifaceted holiday in Montreal, and pretty much everywhere. Social, economic, and agricultural dimensions make up the holiday (celebration traditions, buying gifts, growing trees) that takes over Montreal every December; there's a lot more to Christmas, on many levels, than people really think.

Delving into the mechanics of a Montreal's Christmas, Montréal en statistiques has compiled information on the winter holiday, which make for some pretty interesting factoids. Impress your family and friends this holiday season and learn some pretty cool facts about Christmas in Montreal, which you can read below.

83% of Montrealers celebrate Christmas

60% of Montrealers always give gifts, without thinking of their financial situation

19% of Montrealers do not give gifts when their financial situation isn't stable

4% of Montrealers celebrate Christmas, but do not give gifts (#Grinches)

20% of Montrealers plan to buy their Xmas gifts on the Internet

25% of Montrealers started their Xmas shopping in October or earlier (folks who obviously have OCD)

24% of Montrealers started their Xmas shopping in November

46% of Montrealers didn't start 'til December (the majority of us are not on our shit, go figure)

On average, a Montreal household will spend $26 on a turkey in 2014

In total, $23 million will be spent on buying turkeys on the island of Montreal

The average Montreal will give presents to 7.1 people, on average

13% of Montrealers will give gifts to 11 or more people

$348 will be spent on Christmas gifts per Montreal household

15% of Montrealers hope to spend less on gifts this year. Good luck, because 78% will spend more

400, 000 Christmas trees are grown in Quebec, sold for a total of $8 million

98% of the 819, 000 exported Quebec Xmas tress are sold to the United States

For more Christmas factoids, head to the original Montréal en statistiques posting here.

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