16 Romantic Montreal Bars You Can Take The Love Of Your Life For Your Next Anniversary

'Bae'rs for your bae.
16 Romantic Montreal Bars You Can Take The Love Of Your Life For Your Next Anniversary

Okay, who here is celebrating an anniversary with their significant other? You? Perfect.

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Montreal is, without a doubt, a super romantic city. We've got romantic restaurants, romantic cafes, romantic spots in the city... and, yes, even romantic spots to get turnt AF with your bae.

1. For the couple who loves to party, try Somwhr Liquor Lounge

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401 Rue Notre-Dame O

If you and your significant other love to live it up, there's probably no better place than Old Montreal's Somwhr. Promising good drinks, good crowds, and a good time, this is the perfect place to go to celebrate your anniversary, and get a little bit wild.


2. For the couple who want a refined night out, try Emiliano's

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260 Rue Notre-Dame O

A refined Mexican restaurant/bar in Old Montreal, Emiliano's is a cozy and intimate space with good food and seriously good drinks. Their bar features tons of different tequila, so if you and your significant other love everyone's favourite drink (or just my favourite drink?) and want to have a nice, refined night out, you know where to go.


3. For the couple who want a cozy and cute night out, try Palco

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4019 Rue Wellington

This Verdun bar has all the hallmarks (barmarks? No, nevermind) of an awesome spot to come for a drink. The food is good; the drinks are awesome; and the ambiance is adorable, laid-back, welcoming, and trendy. Take the love of your life to this spot to celebrate your anniversary and sit under their twinkling lights, wither inside or outside on their beautiful terrasse.


4. For the couple who loves to drink and eat in an ecclectic setting, try El Zaziummm

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1276 Avenue Laurier E

An ecclectic Plateau resto/bar serving up cute drinks and tasty Mexican fare, this spot is perfect for the couple who love slightly zany settings and big, strong drinks. Grab your S/O and get yourselves here, and prepare to have an awesome time.


5. For the couple who love to nosh on bacon, try Brutus

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1290 Rue Beaubien E

This Rosemont dive bar wins all the points for having one seriously magical, bacon-influenced menu (including bacon drinks, like their Apple Bacon Mule, which is beyond delicious). Other than being a haven for bacon lovers, this spot is cozy and straight-up fun, making for one guaranteed good anniversary time.


6. For the couple who want to keep things classy, try Henrietta

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115 Avenue Laurier O

A gorgeous bar located in the Plateau, Henrietta is a super awesome place to go if you and bae want to be surrounded by a high-class yet super welcoming atmosphere. Plus, bonus points for their drinks, which are pretty much the tastiest cocktails around.


7. For the couple who want to be wined and dined, try Pullman

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3424 Av du Parc

A wine bar is always a classic choice for any date, but coming to downtown Montreal's Pullman is perfect for that turning that special anniversary night into something beyond amazing. When good wine and good food come together, you know you're in for one seriously good time.


8. For the couple who want that vintage experience, try Mayfair

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451 Rue Rachel E

Stepping into Mayfair kind of feels like you're actually stepping into a glammed and glitzed out time machine, and exiting into the jazz era. This spot even boasts cute cocktails and live jazz music, for an extra authentic experience.


9. For the couple who want a unique experience, try Le Red Tiger

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1201 Boul de Maisonneuve E

Known for their awesome Vietnamese street food cuisine, Le Red Tiger is also home to some seriously unique and tasty drinks. All of this, plus their lively ambiance, comes together perfectly to give you guys an anniversary night you won't soon forget.


10. For the couple who want a classic, romantic time, try Jardin Nelson

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407 Place Jacques Cartier

Do I even have to explain why Jardin Nelson is the OG date spot? This beautiful bar will impress you with their high-quality offerings, and their seriously magical ambiance, making it a perfect place to show that special someone how much you love them.


11. For the couple who want a gorgeous terrasse, try Le Sainte-Elisabeth

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1412 Rue Sainte Élisabeth

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: Le Sainte-Elisabeth is home to one of the most gorgeous terrasses in the city. It feels like you're chilling in an enchanted tree, or something, which means it's basically a foolproof spot to spend your anniversary at while sipping on some drinks.


12. For the couple who love gin almost as much as each other, try Le Pourvoyeur

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184 Jean-Talon E St

Gin loving lovers, this one's for you. Le Pourvoyer is a gin bar in Montreal's Little Italy, but much more than seriously slaying the gin cocktail game, this spot has an intimate and cozy atmosphere, perfect for spending the night with the one you love.


13. For the couple who want a rustic drinking experience, try Walter Bistro

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1575 Rue Fleury E

Situated in Montreal's Ahuntsic, Walter Bistro is a really fun rest-bar with a vintage, rustic decor and a casual, fun vibe. They've got awesome dishes and even better drinks, and if you and your anniversary date are down to have an awesome, lively time, this spot is for you.


14. For the couple who loves to keep it casual, try Bishop & Bagg

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52 Rue Saint Viateur O

This pub is life, TBH. Bishop & Bagg is known for serving up seriously good food (they even have brunch!), seriously good drinks, and all in a casual, laid-back, and super welcoming setting. If you and your date want to pass your anniversary together in peace and calmness, then you know where you need to be heading.


15. For the couple who loves to game, try Randolph Pub Ludique

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2041 Rue Saint-Denis

Okay, one of the cutest things about this pub? They serve some of their drinks potion style, meaning it comes to you in a beaker. Just like in video games. How awesome is that? Randolph Pub Ludique also serves up board games with your food, so that you and bae can enjoy some drinks, dishes, and games to boot.


16. For the couple who want a no-frills good time, try Honey Martin

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5916 Rue Sherbrooke O

First of all, Honey Martin is known for having an actual, legit dog or two in the premises at times. Which means that if you take the love of your life to this spot while there just so happens to be a pup present, you just elevated your status from "aight S/O" to "S/O of the literal millenium." Combine that with Honey Martin's signature laid-back and incredibly fun vibe, and you're in for one incredibly legit date night.

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