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16 Spontaneous Day Trips That Are 1, 2, 3 and 4 Hours Away From Montreal

You deserve to live a little.
16 Spontaneous Day Trips That Are 1, 2, 3 and 4 Hours Away From Montreal

Summer is the perfect time to be spontaneous. Whether you just finished school for the year and all your time is free or you're still working during the week and you only have your weekends free, now is the time to explore. The weather is sunny and warm, so there's no excuse to hide out in your apartment anymore. 

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Lucky for us, Montreal is super close to some amazing sights. Some of them are in our own province, some are in Ontario and some are just over the border in the states. But none are more than 4 hours away! We have amazing waterfalls, swimming holes, hidden grottos and so much more not far from the city. 

So pack your day bag with a bathing suit and snacks, grab your closest friends, and hop in your car because you've got some amazing things to see! 

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1. Ausable Chasm For River Rafting

via @taylorjgentry

This is a super fun place just over the border in upstate New York. It's a huge canyon with a refreshing river running through it that has fun activities like inner tubing, mountain biking and hiking the surrounding cliffs.

2. Lac Bromton For Cliff Jumping

via @ro.bergeron

At this stunning lake they have a specific cliff that's known for it's awesome cliff jumping. They have a wooden ladder that leads up to the ridge so it'll be easy to spot. If you're feeling daring, you've got to check this one out!

3. Bleu Lavande For Gorgeous Fields of Lavender 

via @grisatre

Bleu Lavande is the biggest lavendar farm in Canada and it's completely gorgeous. Lavender is known for it's relaxing qualities, just by smelling them you'll instantly feel yourself calm down. Wander through the rows of these sweet smelling flowers for a day!

Visit their website for more information:

4. Balnea Spa For Lake-Side Relaxation 

via @laurenceperusse

Balnea spa is Quebec's spa on a lake and it's just as amazing as it sounds. Relax is their circular hot tubs, in their comfy dock chairs, or get a facial or massage.

Visit their website for more information:

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1. Boldt Castle To Live Out Your Fairytale Dreams

via @alinikz

This castle is in Thousand Islands, which is right on the border of the US and Canada. It's a bunch of small islands clumped together and on one of them is Boldt Castle, a majestic castle that you have to visit ASAP. Live out your fairytale dreams today.

2. Triple Buckets For A Refreshing Dip 

via @haleybeubis

Triple Buckets is 3 small waterfalls that dump into each other, so named triple buckets. It's attached to Huntington Gorge in Vermont, which is one of the most dangerous Gorge's for cliff jumping. So skip the gorge jumping and head down to the calm waters of Triple Buckets for a relaxing swimming hole experience.

3. ArborTrek Canopy Adventures For Ziplining 

via @cheycheyraerae

Arbortrek is an amusement park in a forest, which is just as amazing as it sounds. It's perfect for a family getaway or for some friends that want a new adventure. They a giant zipline course as well as an obstacle course in the treetops!

4. Glowfair Festival In Ottawa For A Massive Block Party

via @glowfairfestival

Ottawa is hosting their annual Glowfest this month on June 16th and 17th. They have two stages with DJs and musicians, a silent disco, street yoga, and so much more.

Visit their website for even more events and information:

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1. Chutes Jean-Larose For Breathtaking Waterfall Views

via @sarahchristman1

Jean-Larose falls is a gorgeous waterfall that's super tall. There's hiking trails all around it so you can hike to the top of the falls, or take a dip in the cool waters below.

2. Wallingford Back Mine For Crystal Blue Grottos 

via @sarahkrobinson_

Wallingford Back Mine is a gorgeous hidden grotto with bright turqoise waters. Bring your suits and hop on in to the refreshing water. Don't forget to take some pics while you're there!

3. Shouldice Farm For Berry Picking 

via @simplystephko

If you're obsessed with berries like I am, you'll love a berry picking adventure. You can pick your own strawberries and raspberries at this farm super close to Montreal. The season for strawberries is mid June to July and raspberries are mid July to August.

4. Morrison's Quarry For Turqoise Blue Waters

via @rachelupton

Morrison's Quarry is the new coolest swimming hole. It has bright turqoise waters that are the perfect temperature for a summer dip. They have a floating sundeck, water slide and a sandy beach to relax on!

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1. Le Trou de la Fée For Outdoor Exploring

via @anne_frednoel

Trou de la Fée has some of the best hiking trails you'll find. They have multiple covered bridges, a flowing river and waterfalls. It's the perfect place for an outdoor adventure.

2. Hautes-Gorge-de-la-Riviere-Malbaie For Hiking Trails 

via @raphaelle_cl

This spot has unbeatable hiking trails. If you hike to the top you'll get this amazing view of the river that flows through the canyon below. Bring your tent to make it a camping trip for the weekend!

3. Fawn's Leap For Waterfall Jumping 

via @twestfall

Fawn's Leap is the cutest waterfall jumping spot. It's just over the border in upstate New York and it's the perfect place for a day trip for adventurous spirits. Bring your suits and get ready to jump!

4. Lac Saint-Jean For A Cottage Day 

via @hobo_mate

Lac Saint-Jean is a gorgeous sparkling lake not far from Montreal. You can lounge on the beach, go kayaking, or rent a cottage and make it a weekend trip.

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