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16 Spontaneous Day Trips That Are 1, 2, 3, And 4 Hours Away From Montreal (Part 2)

Since the first article did so well, we realized you guys were super excited to get out there and explore what our province and the surrounding states had to offer us this summer. So we decided to write a second article with even more spontaneous trips you can take this summer!

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The summer is the perfect time to be spontaneous. In the winter, going outside takes some real commitment and planning. You've really got to work yourself up to it. But in the summer it's so easy just to grab your best friends, hop in a car and road trip over to see some amazing things.

Make the most this of this summer by checking out all of the amazing things we have less than 4 hours away from the city!

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1. Chutes Sainte Marguerite For Natural Falls 

via @typicam_

These gorgeous falls are super close to Montreal and the perfect place to escape for a day of nature-filled adventures. You can sun bathe on the surrounding rocks, take refreshing dips in the water or hike the surrounding forest trails!

Click here for directions.

2. Polar Bear's Club Spa For A Day Of Relaxation 

via @genevieve.cloutier

This Nordic Spa in Quebec is the perfect day getaway. With access to the flowing river beside it, tons of hot tubs, pools and saunas you'll fully relax here this summer.

Check out their website for more information.

3. Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon For A Beach Day

via @raphaelledesrosiers

If you're looking for a clean and sunny beach super close to Montreal, this is the one to go to. This beach is officially opening for the summer on June 17th. So pack your beach towels and lake floaties because you'll definitely want to be spending the entire day here.

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4. Vignoble de la Bauge For Wine Tasting 

via @_stephanieyao

This 30-year-old vineyard is the perfect day trip if you're a win-lover. Wander through the rows of wine grapes, taste their impeccable wines and terrines or see their wild boars and other animals on the farm!

Check out their website for more information.

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1. La Mauricie National Park For Exploring

via @womanon_adventure

This national park is home to expansive forests, over 150 sparkling lakes and flowing waterfalls! Bring your hiking, camping and swimming gear because you'll have tons of activities to choose from here!

Click here for directions.

2. Bristol Falls For Breathtaking Waterfalls 

via @maxarch

These misty falls are the perfect trip that's super close to Montreal, in Vermont. You can relax on the rock cliffs surrounding it, jump from them, or swim in the refreshing pool below!

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3. Colchester Cosway For Island Biking Trails 

via @kaymurgs

This super cool bike trail located in Vermont is something you've got to check out this summer. It's 14 miles long and leads you right along the waters edge. You'll get some spectacular views here!

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4. Chutes de la Chaudiere For More Waterfalls

via @havanicedaymtl

These falls are located just a few minutes from Quebec City, which really isn't that far from Montreal at all. This waterfall is a full 35 meters tall with a refreshing pool of water below. You can hike or bike around these falls too.

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1. Lac Saint Joseph For A Cottage Getaway

via @lilimurph

This gorgeous lake has it's own sandy beach is perfect for cottage and beach day getaway. Bring your tents and camp out or find a cottage to rent for the weekend! They even have a floating trampoline so it'll be fun for the whole family.

Click here for directions.

2. Step Falls Preserve Even More Waterfalls

via @nicoleashleeeeee

These natural falls offer two options, either walk a short ways to the bottom of the falls or take a longer hike to top and get gorgeous views from above. Relax is the warm waters of these natural falls!

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3. Pink Lake Trail For Breathtaking Lake Views

via @alexiebertrand

Pink Lake in Gatineau, Quebec is a great spot for hiking enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the lake isn't actually pink it's bright green but it's still breathtakingly beautiful! Take a walk around this lake or come to this lookout just to enjoy it's beauty.

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4. Warren Falls For Natural Water Slides

via @seeswim

These waterfalls are super cool because they can also be natural water slides! The water glides right over top of the rocks and into the big open pool below. Enjoy an afternoon of swimming and lounging at these Vermont falls.

Click here for directions.

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1. Loon Mountain For Hiking And Views 

via @nyla____

Located in Lincoln, New Hampshire this mountain is perfect for beginner hikers to conquer. There's tons of trails to choose from and each one leads to the peak where you get this gorgeous view!

Click here for directions.

2. Coos Canyon For Cliff Jumping

via @jake.acheson

Coos Canyon is a natural canyon with a sparkling river running through it complete with small waterfalls. It's the perfect spot for daredevils to jump of the sides of the canyon into the river. You can also spend the weekend camping here!

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3. Rattlesnake Pool For Emerald Swimming Holes

via @hannahfitzz

Rattlesnake pool is a hidden swimming hole located in Maine's Blueberry Mountain. If you can find this secret spot, you'll be rewarded with sparkling, emerald green water that's perfect for a refreshing dip after a long hike.

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4. Maine Lobster Festival For The Freshest Catches Of The Day 

via @missmorganmckenzie

Okay, I kind of lied about the distance of this one, it's closer to 6 hours to Rockland, Maine. But it's totally worth the extra 2 hour drive if you love lobster. Maine is known for their lobster because they have some of the freshest in the country. Eat as much as your heart desires at this annual festival taking place on August 2-6!

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