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16 Spontaneous Day Trips That Are 1, 2, 3, And 4 Hours Away From Montreal (Part 3)

Embrace your adventurous side.
16 Spontaneous Day Trips That Are 1, 2, 3, And 4 Hours Away From Montreal (Part 3)

Looks like you guys are super pumped to get out of the city this summer and I totally get it. We've basically been stranded here all winter just going from our home to work or school, trying to spend as little time outside as possible. 

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But now that summer's here it's our chance to get out there and explore! That's why I'm writing a 3rd article, yes this is the 3rd one, about spontaneous day trips you can take that are super close to Montreal. 

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This your chance to see what's been around you this whole time, so don't miss out! Enjoy some crazy adventures this summer with your best friends, significant others, or family. 

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1. Magog For A Lake Getaway 

via @leafortin

Magog is just 1 hour and 30 mins from Montreal and is great place to take a day trip from the city. Hike up Mount Orford, lounge on the beach on Parc de la Baie de Magog, or bike by the river in Marais de la Riviere aux Cerises.

2. Lac Archambault For Sunset Views 

via @_chaam_

St-Donat is located just 1 hour and 40 mins from Montreal and is an amazing vacation spot this summer. Lounge by lake Archambault and watch some beautiful sunsets. This lake is also said to have a monster living in it, so watch out people!

3. Saint Sauveur For A Cute Town Escape

via @abbypasanski

Saint Sauveur is a quaint little town located just an hour from Montreal. It's main attraction is it's ski mountain in the winter time, but it's also a great summer destination as well. You can hike up the mountain, enjoy some time by the water or wander around the town and eat some great food!

4. Oka Beach For A Tropical Beach Day

via @rachelcantin

This tropical beach is actually an hour away from the city! All you have to do is pack your beach towels, some drinks and snacks and your bathing suit of course, and you're all set for an amazing beach day.

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1. Lake Placid For Serene Waters 

via @easternmntnsports

One of the most serene lakes you'll find, and it's a mere 2 hour drive from Montreal. Rent kayaks, canoes or just go for a dip and you'll definitely make the most out of your trip here.

2. Stowe, Vermont For Giant Green Mountains


Vermont is known as the Green Mountain State for obvious reasons. It's so full of lush green nature and mountains to hike and explore, you could never be bored here. Take a short 2 hour road trip to Stowe and find tons of hiking trails and mountains to conquer!

3. Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant For A Relaxation Escape

via @adventurej_ca

This Scandinavian spa is the perfect roadtrip destination this summer. Relax in their numerous hot bathes, float in the river beside the spa or nap in the swaying hammocks.

Check out their website for more information.

4. Camel's Hump State Park For Stunning Scenery 

via @chiaroscuroa

This park, located just 2 hours and 15 minutes from Montreal is the perfect road trip destination. If you're a hiking enthusiast you should definitely conquer this mountain. It has spectacular views at the top and the path along the way is scattered with flowing waterfalls!

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1. Old Marble Quarry For Cliff Jumping 

via @modern_day_myth

Old Marble Quarry located in Dorset, Vermont is perfect for dare devil types. You can road trip here to jump off cliffs into a quarry that has perfectly turquoise blue waters!

2. Southern Vermont Arts Center For A Sculpture Park

via @smaclement

Located just over 2 hours from Montreal, this cool art center is home to some creative pieces. This sculpture park is the largest in all of Vermont and it's sprawling grounds are filled with dispersed art. Wander around outdoors but don't forget to check out indoors as well for even more gorgeous pieces of art!

3. Lusk Caves For Underground Exploring

via @megxmak

The hike to this cave begins at Parent Beach near Lac Phillipe in Quebec, and spans 10 km. If you want to fully explore this cave you've got to commit to getting a little wet, because once you go in you'll have to swim through the stream to the other side to get back onto the hiking trail. So bring your suits!

4. Captiva Farms For Horseback Riding 

via @misskatief

Have you ever wanted to ride a horse but just never got the chance? Well, now you can at Captiva Farms, less than 3 hours from Montreal! Enjoy some serene trails where you can seriously get in touch with nature and the friendly horses.

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1. Grands Jardins National Park For Breathtaking Views

via @sarah_bazinet

Grands Jardins National Park is located just past Quebec City and is the perfect place to go in Quebec for hiking. At the top of the mountain you'll get expansive views of the lush green surrounding you!

2. Brattleboro Area Farmers Market For Farm Fresh Veggies 

via @amy_wallens_green

This farmers market is located in the cute town of Brattleboro, Vermont and happens every Saturday until mid-October! Get some fresh fruits, veggies, eggs and so much more!

3. Kancamagus, New Hampshire For A Natural Waterslide 

via @naystiiitich

Located in New Hampshire, at Kancamagus outside of Conway, there's a natural water slide at the bottom of a waterfall that's so amazing. You can try out the natural slide or just enjoy swimming in the refreshing waters!

4. Sandbanks Provincial Park For A Beach Day

via @frede_charlebois

Located in Prince Edwards, Ontario, this has some of the coolest beaches to road trip to this summer. This provincial park has not one but three different beaches as well as three different hiking trails, canoe and kayak rentals and so much more!

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