16 Things Every “Good Boyfriend” Needs To Know About "Editorial Boutique"

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16 Things Every “Good Boyfriend” Needs To Know About "Editorial Boutique"

For all those boyfriends out there who are struggling to find that perfect gift for their girlfriend, don’t worry, I got you. You honestly can’t go wrong by getting that special someone a spectacular gift from Editorial Boutique. Not only is it just your girlfriend’s favorite store, but it also holds the most fashionable statement pieces that will complete any look!

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So come on guys, what are you waiting for! Stop scrolling through random websites, and stop texting her friends for ideas. Instead head out to Editorial Boutique. You will find the most perfect birthday or anniversary gift that will have your girlfriend falling even more in love with you. I mean let’s be honest, a happy girlfriend makes for a happy life.

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1. You Need To Know That Their Staff Is Super Helpful

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Once you walk into Editorial Boutique (everyone just calls it Editorial, AND NO YOU CAN'T SHOP ONLINE), you may be overwhelmed by the grandness of the store since it is filled with shoes, accessories, dresses, casual pieces, name brands, and much more. But don’t freak out just yet, their staff is super helpful and they are always by your side. They give great assistance and tips on gifts to give to that special someone. You won't be left hanging!

2. You Need To Know That They Don't Only Sell Clothes

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You might think that Editorial Boutique only sells random clothes like any other store, but you are wrong! The truth is that they sell name brand shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, belts, and many more accessories like phone cases!

3. You Need To Know That They Have The Best Looks For The Summer

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If your girl is chic and loves style, then you can't go wrong by getting her a great summer look. Editorial has the hippest summer looks that are popping this 2017. Not only are their looks different and chic, but they are also up and coming. They have that skater, hipster, fish-net, Kylie Jenner style that is trendy AF rn!

4. You Need To Know That There Is Nothing More Attractive Than A Girl With Style

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Not only is it benefiting your girlfriend by getting her a great gift at Editorial, but it is also benefiting you. I mean let's be honest, there is absolutely nothing more attractive than a girl with great style, and what better place to go than Editorial!

5. You Need To Know That They Do Returns

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If you happen to get the wrong size or if your girlfriend isn't too crazy about it, don't worry! They do returns on most products and they will tell you before hand if it is non-refundable or exchangeable (usually only shoes)! So your girlfriend can get the right size, a different color, or something completely different if you happen to make a slight slip up!

6. You Need To Know That They Sell Name Brands/Designer Products

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Editorial carries an eclectic mix of affordable and street wear brands exclusively such as BRIAN LICHTENBERG, BOY LONDON, DIMEPIECE & UNIF. They have Fenty and Puma, Calvin Klein, Kappa, Adidas, Thrasher, Reebok, Vans, Doctor Martens, Champion, Fila, and much more to make your girl look lowkey and A1 this 2017!

7. You Need To Know That They Also Have Athletic Wear

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If you are checking out what I have mentioned so far, and the chic style doesn't happen to apply to your girl, don't stress! Editorial holds superb athletic wear for your sporty girl! I honestly love their sports wear. It is stylish and super comfortable! For example, they sell Adidas pants, Calvin Klein sports bras, and much more.

8. You Need To Know That They Often Have Secret Sales

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Editorial may be a little pricey with their designer brands, but they more than often have great sales in store! Their sales usually range between 20-40% off and this goes on for most of their products! So get your girl a bunch of things at a reasonable price.

9. You Need To Know That Every Girl Wants To Shop There All The Time

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Most Montreal girls are super obsessed with Editorial and they always want to shop there even though the down town location is pretty small. Editorial is so popular for Montreal girls so you can't go wrong by getting your Montreal girl a gift from there!

10. You Need To Know That They Sell Great Accessories

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Not only do they have great clothes, but they also have killer accessories! They have fabulous jewelry, sunglasses, and their famous caps that any girl would be happy with! They are perfect little extras for that extra special someone! You can't go wrong with some cute little accessories to make her feel even more spoiled.

11. You Need To Know That They Sell Unique Shoes 

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I know that I mentioned this before, but I can't stress it enough! Editorial doesn't just sell classic Adidas, they sell the funky, cool, and different ones that you see famous celebrities wearing on Instagram like Kylie Jenner! They have Vans, Reeboks, Doc Martens, New Balance, Fenty, Puma, Fila, and much more.

12. You Need To Know That They Have Fancy And Casual Attire

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If you are worried about getting her an outfit that is too fancy then don't worry, they also have super casual things that are great for a day outfit and vice-versa! So you can go fancy or casual with your gift.

13. You Need To Know That They Specialize In Street Wear

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They specialize in high-end street wear labels with affordable fashion and jewelry lines. So, get your girl an outfit for the next time you go to Apartment 200 or Kampai!

14. You Need To Know That It's A Safe Bet To Get A Gift Here

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Regardless of what you get her, I can guarantee that she will be happy since you will definitely hit a home-run on her gift this year. Editorial is truly a place where you can't go wrong and trust me, you will enjoy her gifts just as much as she will! You put a big smile on her face and head out to Editorial!

15. You Need To Know That Editorial Is Unique 

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Editorial literally only exists in Quebec! There are only three locations, one in Carrefour Laval, one at Quartier DIX30, and the best one is in Downtown Montreal!

16. You Need To Know That They Are Having A Warehouse Sale RIGHT NOW In Their New Pop-up Shop

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This is a Pop-up shop that will be open until June! They will be restocking and adding new items daily and it's located right across the street from their current shop downtown.


General Information:

Locations: 1455 Stanley Street (next to Peel metro)