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16 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend

February 19th - February 22nd 2015
16 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend

Photo cred - PartWithSylvain

The city has been really cold and we know that you cannot wait for the spring to hit. But bear with it Montreal, we still have a couple of weeks left. Montreal en Lumières is here to brighten the city and it starts tonight! A whole lot of fun things have been prepared for you and we know exactly which ones you should not miss out on and the first one is MTL Blog's 3 Year Anniversary Party. Also, it's looking like the weather will be better than it has been for the past week so no excuses party people!

Thursday, February 19th

A long awaited show, Theophilus London at Le Belmont. You don't want to miss out on this tonight. Theophilus is very talented and we are sure he will leave you in aw. View event>

If the show is sold out before you get there because you took too long to buy your ticket, you can always go to the Theophilus London's afterparty at Apt.200. View event>

Once again, MELT at Blizzarts is not to be missed. The vibes are so good at this event, every time. It's perfect to chill out and dance all night. View event>

There is a Fro-Back Thursday Party at Luwan. This seems like it will be a lot of fun. It's a cool way to celebrate black history month. View event>

Fabian Encarnacion

An evening dedicated to young professionals is Elegance is Victory at the Sofitel. Some guest speakers from different brands and companies will be there to share some industry insight. View event>

Check out Les Jeunes Jeudis at Salon Officiel with Loud Lary. There is no cover and beers are cheap. View event>

Friday, February 20th

Have you ever been to Get Nice Fridays at Blizzarts? If you haven't, it is time for you to make your way there. You'll be impressed by Simahlak's ability to keep a party going all night long! View event>

There is Les Nocturnes Du Mac at the Musée d'Arts Contemporain de Montréal. This will be a big party with myfrienderic, Ryan Playground, Nick Wisdom. View event>

Last but not least, Chocolate Jungle at Le Belmont. There is one thing you need to know about this event, you will not be disappointed and will be nostalgic about the 90's. Make sure to dress to impress with your 90's themes outfit, you could win 100$. View event>

New Regime is having a pop up shop at their new offices and they want you there! Here's your chance to get discounted New Regime merchandise. View event>

Saturday, February 21st

Montreal - A Photo Exhibition at Boulangerie Chez Fred is a photo exhibit presented by Steve Walsh Photography and it will showcase his work after 10 long years of photographing the city. View event>

Muzique is celebrating the Chinese New Year and they want you to party with them. This edition of Beat The Clock Saturdays is sounding very promising with DJ Baby Yu, ENGEN & DK and Chops. View event>

You ever wondered what a night at Studio54 would've been like? For those who don't know what Studio54 is, it was the hottest club where all the celebrities hung out in New York back in the days when Rick James was taking over the music business. Thursday's Montréal is giving you the opportunity to experience what that would have felt like. View details>

Sunday, February 22nd

Tokyo Bar Sunday is the place to go on Sundays when the party freak in you is not satisfied. View event>

Jazz & Dilla is back at Honey Martin's but this time with a twist! It is now Jazz & Illa. Atamone & Fawna will be joined by Illa J and the three will offer you a jazzy night full of live instrumentals and vocals. View event>

Did not see your event? Hit us up at MTL Blog Events

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