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Top 16 Things You Can Do This Weekend In Montreal

From Thursday, January 12 to Sunday, January 15.
Top 16 Things You Can Do This Weekend In Montreal

Down below is a list that composes of great activities you can do this weekend from Friday, January 13th, Saturday, January 14th, and Sunday, January 15th! For most, this week happens to be the first week of the brand new semester, so let's make the weekend great! It's time to pretend like you are still on break with your friends enjoying winter in Montreal! There is definitely something on this list for everyone so start planning and enjoying the end of break blues.

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1. Enjoy This Weekend And Go See Shen Yun

in another show or even in China. There, the Communist Party sees traditional culture as a threat to its power and for decades has tried to destroy it. It nearly succeeded.

But in 2006, a group of elite Chinese artists came together in New York with a mission—to revive traditional culture and share it with the world. They created Shen Yun and brought this majestic culture back from the brink of extinction.

When: Friday, January 13th,  7:30 PM

Where: Pace Des Arts 175 rue Sainte-Catherine est, Salle Claude Leveillée Montreal, Quebec

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