16 Thrilling Date Ideas In Quebec For Risk-Takers

Calling all adrenaline junkies, these are for you.
16 Thrilling Date Ideas In Quebec For Risk-Takers

Montreal is home to some pretty insane adrenaline junkies, but what you may not know is that Quebec has INSANE and thrillling date ideas for that special someone who happens to be just as insane as you!

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I have formulated a strictly crazy list of ONLY the most thrilling activities you can do in and around Montreal this summer. So, for those couples seeking epic adventures, I suggest making it a goal this year to complete this list and have a blast.

1. Have A Thrilling Time Bungee Jumping

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Once again, for those couples who love heights and are seeking thrill this year, then check out the Great Canadian Bungee! This is absolutely perfect for those adventurous Montrealers who dare to jump. It is about $100 for the first jump and then about $50 for every additional jump that day.

2. Have A Thrilling Time Fly-Boarding

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Jetpack Canada offers, for only $49, a great Fly-Boarding experience. For 15 minutes you are flying up in the air hovering over the water and enjoying the view. This is truly great for those thrill seekers in Quebec, Trois-Rivières, Gatineau or Shawinigan. The boats depart from these locations and they supply you with a helmet and life jacket to assure safety with a professional.

3. Have A Thrilling Time Kayaking With Whales

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Instead of simply going whale watching, why not be adventurous and go kayaking with whales! You and that special someone can have a double seat kayak and swim next to the whales! You can kayak with belugas in the Saguenay Fjord for that rush of adrenaline.

4. Have A Thrilling Time Rock Climbing

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Ah yes, rock climbing is not only a great sport but also a fabulous crazy activity you can do with your epic date. Take it to the next level and join Clip n' Climb and their various courses.

5. Have A Thrilling Time White Water Rafting

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Montreal happens to have the perfect activity for those adventurous couples who love water! White Water Rafting is so much fun and you can do it right here in Montreal on the Lachine Rapids. If you are looking for thrill, then white water rafting is the place to go to in Montreal.

6. Have A Thrilling Time Indoor Flying

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Visit Sky Venture, the first ever free fall simulator in Canada, and learn to fly like you are sailing over the sea! It’s the next best thing to a vacation and a great way to spend a thilling day that you and your date will never forget!

7. Have A Thrilling Time Surfing

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Ah yes, surfing, the great sport that comes along with summer. Well, in Montreal we have an indoor arena that you can access ALL YEAR ROUND! I suggest hitting up Brossard’s Oasis Surf! It’s a indoor surfing complex with a bar and restaurant! So you can hit the waves and have an epic time with your date.

8. Have A Thrilling Time at Cliff Diving

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Only 1 hour away is Lac Brompton where you and your special someone can go for a cliff diving day trip! It is a great location to go cliff diving with superb views and great cliffs! The cliffs are around 20 feet high which doesn't seem too high until you are standing on the edge! If you are scared, I suggest holding hands and jumping with a friend. You will have a blast and some great laughs!

9. Have A Thrilling Time Paint Balling On A Secret Island

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Don't just be crazy and go regular paint balling... be adventurous and go paint balling on a secret island located in the St. Lawrence River. This private island is over 2 400 000 square feet of fun and is absolutely perfect for that thrill and adventure sensation.

10. Have A Thrilling Time Trampolining

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If you don't want to be too crazy but you and that special someone are craving some sort of activity, why not go trampolining at Sky Tag in Montreal's West Island. It is truly fun for everyone and it's a great way to spend a Friday night especially if you are bored at 11pm.

11. Have A Thrilling Time Zip-Lining

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Have a wild forest adventure and fly through the trees at Abraska! You and your bae will enjoy a great summer day by zip-lining through the trees. This activity is perfect for those adventurous Montrealers who love heights and nature!

12. Have A Thrilling Time Sky Diving

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Located right here in Montreal is Parachute Montreal Inc. They are super professional and their team is absolutely great! You and your fellow adrenaline junkie date can make a memory that lasts a life time since they give you a bundle that includes a movie video of your wild experience together.

13. Have A Thrilling Time At The Shooting Range

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Go try something new with your equally as insane date with air gun shooting at Tir du Soleil! It is absolutely a way to show maybe a special someone your adventurous side.

14. Have A Thrilling Time And Walk Over A Suspension Bridge

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If you want to experience one of the most breathtaking locations in the world, then Quebec’s Parc de la caverne du Trou de la Fée, situated in Quebec’s Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is the place to be. They have a crazy footbridges and much more that includes hiking trails, a Chinese garden, zip lining, and wild cliffs. It is a perfect trip for you young, wild, and restless people like me!

15. Have A Thrilling Time Hiking At Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie

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Also known as the L’Acropole Des Draveurs, the Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie is a beautiful park for hiking in the rocks. It’s hard to believe that this park is located in Quebec and features some of the deepest gorges East of the Rockies. They have gorgeous views and you are basically hangining on the edge of a cliff!

16. Have A Thrilling Time At Archery Combat

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Archery combat is very similar to dodge ball and paintball since they all have the same rules and goals. In other words, it is basically Archery tag where you must eliminate your enemies. The Montreal location is a 10,000 sq/ft arena that includes obstacles.