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This Is Exactly The Amount Of Money You'll Need To Live In Montreal For 1 Year

It's really not as crazy as you may think.
This Is Exactly The Amount Of Money You'll Need To Live In Montreal For 1 Year

One thing you always hear about Montreal is that the cost of living here is very low.

And it turns out it's actually true.

A website called Parsehub calculated the cost of living in the top 25 best startup cities in the world and  Montreal was #18 on the list.

The only other 2 Canadian cities on the list were Vancouver at #14 and Toronto at #16. This means Montreal is the top startup city in Canada with the lowest cost of living.

So how much does it cost to live in Montreal? 

To answer this question, Parsehub calculated how much money you would need to spend 1 week in each city. They added the cost of 3 cheap meals a day, 7 nights in an average priced hostel, daily snacks, 14 metro tickets and one coffee a day (so you can access free Wi-Fi).

Here are the results:

(I'm not exactly sure where these guys managed to find $1 beers but I'm hoping they'll share their secret with us because that's a great deal.)

Now let's break it down: $316 per week means that if you adopt their suggested lifestyle, you can live for a whole year in Montreal for only $16,432.

So it's official, Montreal is a very affordable city! Granted you won't be living a life of luxury, but it's nice to know that you could get by on a minimum wage job, at least much better than you could in Toronto or Vancouver.

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