17 Free Places You Can Go On The Perfect Date In Montreal

Money doesn't buy you happiness.
17 Free Places You Can Go On The Perfect Date In Montreal

Montreal is a great place for all those love birds out there but sometimes it can be pretty costly. So, when you are looking to planning that perfect date but you are on a budget, don't stress! The list below composes of completely free date ideas that you can plan for that special someone.

It's summer time and love really is in the air so WOW that special someone with a great date that won't cost either of you a penny. So don't worry, you can still have a fabulous time in Montreal this summer without emptying your entire bank account.

1. Go To The Floating Boat Cafe With Your Date

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Why not enjoy a perfectly free date on a boat! The floating boat cafe is free entry and it is absolutely stunning. You can enjoy sitting on the top of the boat or inside while looking out into the beautiful Lachine Canal. It is stunning and very romantic with no cost at all.

2. Go Walk Through Old Montreal And Enjoy The Architecture With Your Date

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Old Montreal is a very romantic setting that is itself priceless. Your date has probably been to Old Montreal multiple times but why not explore the city in a different way. I suggest taking your date to Old Montreal and showing them all the great architecture! They will truly be amazing by the beauty behind our city.

3. Go Walk Down To The Pink Balls On Sainte-Catherines Street With Your Date

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The pink balls hanging down Sainte-Catherines street are absolutely stunning. Not only is it super fun to walk down Sainte-Catherines, but it is also beautiful and great for pictures. You and your date can enjoy a completely free day by just walking down Montreal's Sainte-Catherines street.

4. Go For A Bike Ride Along The Lachine Canal With Your Date

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I honestly love biking with my boyfriend and honestly I think it's a great date where you don't have to spend any money. For those couples who love to bike, I suggest biking down the Lachine Canal towards Atwater Market for a fun Montreal date.

5. Go To Parc Mount Royal For Tam Tams With Your Date

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When you are having a lazy Sunday, why not ask that special someone to come out with you to Mount Royal Park to listen to the Tam Tams! The ambiance is great and this is honestly a great way to spend a summery Sunday with your date without spending a penny.

6. Go Walk Through Little Italy For Italian Week With Your Date

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Coming up this Friday is Italian Week in Little Italy. The festival is completely free and includes great music, food, and people. This can be fun for anyone and it's a great way to spend a cute date with that special someone.

7. Go Camping For Free With Your Date

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Rapide 07 is a completely free camp ground where you and your date can enjoy a weekend camping getaway. All you need to do is bring your tent and sleeping bags to enjoy a great weekend with that special someone. Information can be found in the link above (in the title).

8.Go Walk Through Place Des Arts And Enjoy The Great Atmosphere With Your Date

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Honestly, there is always something super cool going on at Place Des Arts whether it be live music, a dance performance, or outdoor painting. I suggest heading down there with your date and just sitting back. It;s a great place to soak up Montreal and to enjoy it's people.

9. Go Walk Through The Plateau And Enjoy The Street Art With Your Date

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The Plateau area is home to some of Montreal's most stunning murals. These murals are mostly located along Saint Laurent street so I recommend taking nice stroll with your date down Saint Laurent street. This is a perfect date for those art loves and also for those who love photography and instagram.

10. Go Stargazing And Enjoy The Cityscape On The Top Of Mount Royal With Your Date

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For romance, kissing, and looking over the whole city, I suggest driving up to Mount Royal. You can enjoy Mount Royal during the day and enjoy the cityscape or you can go at night with your date and have a romantic stargazing date. This is always free and it's always a safe date idea.

11.Go To Parc Jean Drapeau To Explore The Waterfalls With Your Date

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Parc Jean Drapeau is actually huge, so for that exploring and nature loving date of yours, why not check out the hidden waterfalls in Jean Drapeau. These waterfalls are super cute and the whole park itself is a great location for exploration and adventure with your date this summer in Montreal.

12. Go To Esplanade Ernest-Cormier Park For A Sculpture Tour With Your Date

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Sculptures are always beautiful especially when they are located in the middle of a park! So, why not enjoy a sweet walk through Esplanade Ernest-Cormier with your date! You guys will see beautiful sculptures and enjoy a hot summer day in Montreal at no cost.

13. Go To The Grande Terrasse Rouge And People Watch With Your Date

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When in doubt, why not head down to The Big Red Terrasse located on Saint-Denis street. They have picnic tables and cute hammocks that are perfect for chilling with your date. It's a great place to people watch and to just talk with that special someone.

14. Go To Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue And Watch The Sunset With Your Date

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You can't go wrong with bringing your date to watch a beautiful sunset. The view of the sunset at Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue is honestly perfect. I suggest taking that special someone out here when you want to make things romantic without spending a penny.

15. Go To A Rooftop And Enjoy The View With Your Date

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If you happen to know of any rooftops in Montreal, then I really believe it is a great idea for you to bring your special someone there. I mean like who doesn't love exploring the city from a rooftop in Montreal. It's a great place to show your date how adventurous and cool you are.

16. Go To Parc Laurier For A TREKFIT Experience With Your Date

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If you happen to fall in love with an athletic person, then this is the perfect date idea for you in Montreal this summer at no cost. TREKFIT gyms are located all across Montreal and they are perfect locations to hold a cute little workout date.

17. Go To Parc La Fontaine And Make Picnic With Your Date

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The easiest way to have a cost free date is by having an adorable picnic with that special someone. I suggest La Fontaine park since it has a beautiful waterfront scene with amazing flowers. This is a great date for the summer in Montreal where you can really get to know your date.

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