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17 Insane Travel Destinations In Quebec To Plan For Summer 2017 If You’re Young,  Broke, Or Restless

It's officially the beginning of summer and it's time for us young, broke, or restless Montrealers to get out of the city and finally explore the rest of the province! For those broke Montrealers like me, I think we should take advantage of the amazing travel destination right in Quebec to explore. For the young ones, it's time to discover yourself and where you live. But, for the restless, it's time to let out all that energy and do the thrilling trips. 

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So, if you are too broke to go to insane places across Canada or the globe, why not check out some places that are no more than a road trip away! The list below comprises of cheap places to go to in Quebec when you are young, broke, or darn right crazy.

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Travel Destinations If You're Young:

1. Tadoussac

via @paulinesrx

Distance: 5 Hours Away

If you love whale watching, then take a short 5 hour drive to Tadoussac! Not only can you go see some lovely marine life, but you can also explore the nature around it. You can escape the city and relax for an A1 road trop with your BFFs.

2. Le Trou de La Fée

via @david._hunter

Distance: 4 Hours Away

If you want to experience one of the most breathtaking locations in the world, then Quebec’s Parc de la caverne du Trou de la Fée, situated in Quebec’s Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is the place to be. They have a crazy footbridges and much more that includes hiking trails, a Chinese garden, zip lining, and wild cliffs. It is a perfect weekend trip for you young, wild, and restless children!

3. Mont-Tremblant

via @myrrdenis

Distance: 2 hours

There are multiple activities you can on a weekend trip to Mont Tremblant like hiking, skiing, ect., but I suggest head to the Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant with your bae! They offer a superb Spa that is absolutely stunning during the Spring Mont-Tremblant is home to this beautiful spa and many other activities that you can participate in for your luxurious weekend away. This spa offers great baths for only $60 each and for $150 you can get the baths experience and a Scandinavian massage.


4. La Malbaie

via @suziegodbout

Distance: 4 hours away

For nature, romance, and luxury all in one, I suggest heading out to La Malbaie in Quebec. This little town is located right near the Camping Des Chutes Fraiser and the peaceful Jardins de Quatre-Vents. They have boutiques, boulangeries, chalets, golf clubs, and beautiful views.

5. Rocher Percé

via @marinamiskovic

Drive: 10 hours

For a simple and stunning road trip to take with your love, I strongly recommend checking out l’Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé. It’s easy to get to and super cheap! These rocks are Quebec’s trade mark and the area around them contains great activities for you and your BFF to have a great weekend getaway.

6. Vignoble de la Bauge

via @ioana_tirtiro

Distance: 1 hour

If you love wine, why not make a whole day out of it! This 30-year-old vineyard is the perfect day trip fro those young Montrealer's who want to explore their taste-buds!


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Travel Destination If You're Broke:

1. Chutes De La Chaudiere

via @oliviaaxleighh

Distance: 2 hours away

For a two hour road trip from Montreal, bring your friends to explore the Chutes De La Chaudiere for a wild time! These waterfalls honestly look like they are from another country, so bring your cameras and fool your family by telling them you left Canada.

2. Parc de la Gorge

via @acoutu

Distance: 2 hours away

If you head to Coaticook by yourself, then Parc de la Gorge is definitely a site you will want to see! If heights are your thing, then be sure check out this AMAZING suspension bridge! It's great for hiking and enjoying the hopefully sunny weather! Plus, there is a great ice cream shop and much more to do if you need some down time.

3. Jardins de Métis

via @juaanpatino

Distance: 5 Hours

Montreal is definitely known for it's gorgeous Botanical Gardens, however it seems to have some majestic competition coming from the north-east of Quebec. The Jardins de Métis is DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS.


4. Jean Larose Falls

via @audelielavoie

Distance: 3 hours

Jean Larose Falls truly looks like it is from a fairytale! this magical destination is close to Mont-Sainte-Anne, and I bet you didn't even know it existed. If you love hiking and swimming in a place that seems to be out of a movie, then this is the place for you!

5. Canyon Sainte-Anne

via @mariiegauthiier

Distance: 3 hours

Canyon Sainte-Anne, situated in Beaupre, Quebec, is beautiful AF! This spot is full of trails, suspension bridges, spots to climb, rivers, waterfalls, and much more. You will be so amazed once you see it that you will completely forget that you are in Quebec!

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Travel Destination If You're Restless:

1. Great Canadian Bungee At Morrison’s Quarry

via @tahrajade

Distance: 3 hours away

Morrison’s Quarryis located near the towns of Chelseaand Wakefield, both charming towns located in the Quebec hillside. The quarry is an absolutely gorgeous spot, with crystal blue waters where you can swim, snorkel,bungee jump (Great Canadian Bungee), and scuba dive. It's a great location for a cute weekend getaway with your BFF!

2.Anticosti Island

via @travelwworld

Distance: 12 hours away

Anticosti is a wild island surrounded by huge cliffs and ocean views. They have spectacular canyons that you can kayak through and perfect spots for camping with your wild friends this summer.It’s a national park that is worth the trip too with some of your closest friends.

3. Balnea Spa

via @fanny_letarte

Distance: 1 Hour Away

Price:$60 or $40 after 5pm

319 chemin du Lac Gale

For the ultimate private spa experience, be sure to check out Balnea Spa! Enjoy panoramic views of the lake and surrounding nature in their 360 saunas, hot tubs, cold pool and Turkish baths. You can relax, since you are so damn restless, in their sweat lodge by ridding your body of all its excess toxins, or take a hike around the lush forests that hold secret magical relaxation spots.


4.île Nue de Mingan - Mingan Archipelago National Park, QC

via @algua36

Length: 8.3 km (loop around the island)

Time: 3.5 hours

Hike around the beautiful “barrens” of the île Nue de Mingan! This tundra-style landscape offers fabulous views as you hike your worries away.

5. Iles-de-la-Madeleine

via @ilesdelamadeleine

Drive: 19 hours

Quebec’s Iles-de-la-Madeleine is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! Several small islands make up this area, so there are numerous amounts of beaches for you to explore! This is truly a spectacular location to spend a beachy summer with some of your friends. I honestly can’t believe that this is located in Quebec.

6. Lusk Caves

via @kaylakapas

Distance: 3 hours

In Parent Beach, near Lac Phillipe in Quebec, you can explore these scary thrilling caves that are more than 10 km long. Inside the caves, there are natural streams and hidden pathways!

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