17 Most Important Things As A Woman You Should Know To Keep Yourself Safe In The City

Put your safety #1.
17 Most Important Things As A Woman You Should Know To Keep Yourself Safe In The City

Unfortunately our security is still very much an important subject to consider, with reports of assault, robberies, and general attacks still coming in on a regular bases we need to keep ourselves safe more than ever.

We often see the papers and news plastered with attacks and especially on women. Even though we are informed of these attacks on a regular bases I am not sure to what extent we realize how vulnerable we are and how close to home this is happening.

Having traveled the world and lived in different cities worldwide I must admit Montreal is actually one of the ones where I feel quit safe but still I think I shouldn't be so naive. With the recent hot weather and no air conditioning I have been leaving my front door open, and recently got the comment; "Really you keep your door open?" And more recently I was walking through a neighborhood and felt intimidated on 2 occasions by 2 different groups of men, following and shouting at me.

With this in mind I have listed below great ways to keep yourself safe.

1. Walk with your keys between your fingers in case in need of a weapon for self defense.

2. When someone is walking closely behind you, let them pass in front of you by making a phone call.

3. Have your key ready for your front door to ensure easy and quick entry.

4. Don't leave drinks unattended at the bar or when out.

5. Don't walk late at night with headphones in or music blasting so you can be more aware of your surroundings.

6. Stay in well lit and busy areas where and if possible at night, even if it means walking a longer way home.

7. Don't meet a stranger without telling someone when and where you will be, and checking in with them afterwards or during the meeting.

8. Walk with purpose and confidence.

9. Keep your address and contact information limited to friends and family and not visible on social media.

10. Take self-defense classes if possible.

11. Switch up your running/jogging routine to avoid potential stalking.

12. Carry a miniature hairspray, deodorant, whistle or rape alarm at all times in your purse, to use if necessary.

13. Check for an official city medallion number when entering a taxi, and when abroad check in a travel guide or online what official taxis look like for that country.

14. Keep your phone charged when your going to be alone or travelling.

15. Carry a phone charger or spare battery with you if possible.

16. Cross the street to avoid groups or loud or even drunk people.

17. Organize ahead to go home with a friend or even better in a group.

The actions listed above are small scale changes that could potential save a life, but unfortunately don't guarantee safety. All in all do what ever you can to keep yourself safe and organize ahead to avoid any difficult and dangerous situations.

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