17 Stock Photos Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

There's a stock image out there for every situation.
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17 Stock Photos Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Image sharing services are extremely popular among professionals looking to obtain rights to distribute photos. Most of these images are submitted by photographers and curated to suit any number of possible needs.

Others, however, are the creations of graphic designers attempting to fulfill specific search inquiries. The abundance of such submissions produces some pretty fun results that are especially hilarious out of their intended contexts. 

For this reason, stock photos often become fodder for memes, gifs, and social media exchanges.

Below are compiled 17 of such images. This compilation is not meant to degrade any artist (indeed, some of these images are clearly meant to be comedic), merely to bring a smile to the faces of onlookers.


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TLDR: Stock photos have become an interesting part of internet culture. Here are 17 that will bring a smile to your face.

Via Photo 27458943 © Giuseppe Anello - Dreamstime.com

Questions: How is she sitting like that? Why is she sitting like that? Where did she get a chair? Why is this car inside? 

Via Photo 39171448 © Filipwarulik - Dreamstime.com

The caption for this photo is "showing" and this man is proud of it.

Via Photo 87153882 © Ognjen Stevanovic - Dreamstime.com

A very important experiment. And while we're on the topic of money...

Via Photo 17524816 © Wisconsinart - Dreamstime.com

Do you ever feel like this when you have to pay rent?

Via Photo 32835199 © Pleprakaymas - Dreamstime.com

Not how diets work.

Via Photo 111969103 © Vchalup - Dreamstime.com

Don't talk on the phone and drive.

Via Photo 37742888 © Lekcej - Dreamstime.com

"Bare woman looking at moon."

Let's break this down. This woman is shirtless, floating on water, and wearing a sun hat at night.

Everyone deserves to feel this sexy.

Via Photo 68657526 © Leo Lintang - Dreamstime.com

Why. woN'T. MY. ComPUTER. LOOOAADD? Too relatable. 

Via Illustration 39614110 © Sergey Rasulov - Dreamstime.com

Just look at those waxy, raw-chicken-resembling, claw-like paws.

Via Photo 34328103 © Kirill Linnik - Dreamstime.com

Stock photos often place women in seemingly impossible positions and situations. However, this photo accurately illustrates the level of dramatic I aspire to achieve.

Via Photo 118935717 © Volodymyr Tverdokhlib - Dreamstime.com

That CANNOT be comfortable. This also give me murder-y vibes.

Via Photo 118808493 © Mihakonceptcorn - Dreamstime.com

Another impossible situation. This woman is a boss, though.

Via Photo 121351698 © Mihakonceptcorn - Dreamstime.com

Don't worry, she can also work with paper. Who pushed her out onto this lake, though?

Via Photo 131665047 © Koldunova Anna - Dreamstime.com

The caption is the best part: 

"Two handsome friends dancing on birthday party. Son and father are so happy they won in lottery."

They're having a great day.

Via Photo 53989156 © Alex Malikov - Dreamstime.com

When you're on the naughty list.

Via Photo 88666700 © Elnur - Dreamstime.com

Ever feel like you have superpowers in bed?

Via ID 58401502 © Barbara Helgason | Dreamstime.com

The sad part is that this is definitely an American's view of Canada.

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