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18 Adorable Homes For Sale Right Now Across Quebec That Millennials Can Actually Afford

Are you thinking about your first real estate investment?
18 Adorable Homes For Sale Right Now Across Quebec That Millennials Can Actually Afford

Canada is becoming less and less affordable, particularly for young people. 

Vancouver and Toronto are famous for their inordinate housing costs, but Montreal, too, has seen the cost of living creep up in recent years.

For many, the dream of settling in a Canadian city is no long feasible. Millennials in cramped, downtown apartments are having to look elsewhere for their first major real estate investments.

For this reason, Quebec at-large may be a good place to purchase a home. Real estate prices in la belle province are among the cheapest in the country. A labour shortage may also make finding employment relatively easy for French-speaking people.

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TL;DR Below are listed 18 homes for sale around Quebec for between $90,000 and $150,000.

Young people looking for a weekend escape should further look no further than the beautiful landscapes of Quebec.

To assist you in your real estate search, we've compiled below 18 properties currently for sale for between $90,000 and $150,000. These properties represent a great geographic variety: from downtown Montreal and Quebec City, to Estrie, to Gaspé, to les Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

The homes have one thing in common: there are all completely adorable. Some may need some work while others are move-in ready.

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Happy hunting!

The Quebec City Loft

This sweet little loft is "located at the doors of Viex-Québec," according to the online listing. The interior is tiny but brimming with potential. There's also a rooftop deck with some pretty cool views!

Price: $114,900
Location: Quebec City

View the listing here!

Val d'Or Log Cabin 

This cabin is straight out of a childhood fantasy. Its short windows, wood panelling, and loft bedroom are just a few of its whimsical charms.

Price: $139,000
Location: Val-d'Or

View the listing here!

Riverside Vistas

This home has sweeping views of the Saint Lawrence River, a huge front porch, beautiful windows, and modern amenities. You can't beat those views!

Price: $102,500
Location: Les Méchines

View the listing here!

The Montreal Condo

This tiny yet bright condo is located in the Montreal borough of Rosemont. With tall windows and ceilings and a spacious balcony in the back, the home feels much larger than it is.

Price: $148,000
Location: Montreal

View the listing here!

Sunshine Terraces

This adorable little cottage features a wide, covered porch and beautiful patio. The giant great room window also opens right out into the outside area (see photo below). The cottage is also a short walk away from the village centre, according to the listing.

Price: $104,000
Location: Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard

View the listing here!

The Ancestral Homestead

This little yellow home was built in 1870 and includes a separate shed and giant yard. Charming details, like the exposed ceiling beams and wood finishes, demonstrate its humble and quaint origins. The house is only fourteen minutes away from the ski slopes at Le Massif.

Price: $139,900
Location: Saint-Tite-des-Caps

View the listing here!

Abbey Lofts

This condo is on the upper levels of a converted church in Quebec City. A central skylight illuminates the tall and ecclectic space. Enough said.

Price: $129,500
Location: La Cité-Limoilou (Québec)

View the listing here!

Hillside Gables

This place is s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g! It has exposed panels and beams, a deck, a wood-burning stove, a loft, and a super cute retro 70's aesthetic.

Price: $100,000
Location: Sainte-Adèle, Quebec

View the listing here!

The Cottage on the Beach

This place needs some TLC, but the perks are worth the labour. There is an upper and lower deck, tons of space, wood finishes, dozens of windows, and a sweeping view of the Saint Lawrence River.

Price: $120,000
Location: Franquelin

View the listing here!

The Tin Roof Lake House

This cottage on the shore of Lac Léger is the perfect weekend getaway for nature-loving Canadians. Its perhaps outdated interior is outweighed by the potential for activities in the surrounding landscape. But the inside has its charms, too, including a wood-burning stove and loft bedroom.

Price: $130,000
Location: Mont-Valin

View the listing here!

Cliffside Plains

This house needs some serious work but look at that view! The place is also enormous! It's definitely worth the added TLC. This property could become a romantic, beachy escape.

Price: $109,000
Location: Gaspé

View the listing here!

Rowhouse Studio

This studio in the heart of Quebec City is for anyone looking to live minimally. Originally built in 1914, this rowhouse has been converted into modern condos. The spacious terrace in the back adds precious living space to this tiny home. According to the listing, the property is steps away from a dense area of restaurants and cultural activity.

Price: $111,000
Location: Quebec City

View the listing here!

Fairytale Grove

This cottage is straight from a storybook. Nestled among a grove of trees, the property makes the most of its surroundings with a screened deck, lush garden, and large yard. There's also a lake nearby! The home's seemingly medieval exterior gives way to a fully-renovated interior.

Price: $134,000
Location: Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu

View the listing here!

The Red Chalet

The Red Chalet features a large yard and deck, separate shed, and surprisingly spacious interior. A new coat of paint could make this place the perfect retreat for a fresh start in life.

Price: $89,000
Location: Saint-Colomban

View the listing here!

Mont-Tremblant Townhouse

A townhouse in this luxury development will get you access to several amenities. The condo, itself, is everything you would expect from a modern ski lodge. The photos speak for themselves.

Price: $105,000
Location: Mont-Tremblant

View the listing here!

Rocky Red Island Retreat

Look. At. That. View! What the tiny home lacks in tastefuly design it makes up for in location. There's even a wrap-around porch to take full advantage of that classic Maritime seascape. The cheap price leaves money leftover for a little reno.

Price: $129,900
Location: Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine

View the listing here!

Cozy Corner

At the centre of its village, this home, surrounded by woods and a small stream, presents a picturesque view of countryside living. The renovated, cozy kitchen is of particular note.

Price: $119,900
Location: Saint-Hippolyte

View the listing here!

The Brick Church

This entire church is actually for sale. It is last on this list because it is not at all renovated or suitable for habitation. But it is listed as a single family home. A renovation of this structure into a house would be an incredible project. The listing states that stipulations apply, so prospective buyers should contact the agent.

Price: $139,900
Location: Campbell's Bay

View the listing here!

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