18 Awesome Free Things You Can Get On Your Birthday In Montreal

It's free, fun, and fantastic for your special day.
18 Awesome Free Things You Can Get On Your Birthday In Montreal

For those July birthday babies like me, today is the day where you get a bunch of free stuff for your birthday! These deals are all available in store and online from your hometown of Montreal. You may think Montreal is very expensive, and it is, but let's be real... Who else can say that they got so much for free on their birthday!

Do you remember when you turned 18 and wanted free stuff? Well, don't stress guys because it's never too late! Some of these gifts may not be exactly superb and fantastic but they are perfect little treats for your special day. Since today is actually my birthday, I know that I will be using some of these deals ASAP! Not only are these deals on makeup and clothing, but also on food!

So get up and start registering your birthday at a bunch of stores to get some great free birthday gifts! It's time to treat yourself without spending a dime so get read to heel spoiled and pampered on your birthday! So here's a list of 18 for my 18th birthday!

1. Get Free Food On Your Birthday

If you are a food lover like me, don;t even bother taking out your wallet on your birthday for a meal! You may ask why I am saying that and it is because Montreal has over 90 Restaurants that you can eat at for free on your birthday! It is as simple as pressing the link above! But to give you an idea, some of the restaurants include Toro Sushi Bar, Chez Lien, and may more!

2. Get Free Drinks On Your Birthday

If you are heading out on your birthday to one of Montreal's night clubs, then I suggest checking out Nesta! On your birthday you get free drinks! You can also get a free drink at Foufounes Électriques, Peel Pub, and even Rouge! So party hard without spending a dime on your special day.

3. Get Free Makeup On Your Birthday

If you simply give Sephora your email, then you are in-store for a great treat on your birthday! You can pick up your gift in store or have it delivered straight to your door! Right now you have a choice between a Fresh 2016 Skincare Set or a Marc Jacobs Beauty 2016 Lip & Eye Duo! Look fabulous on your birthday!

4. Get Free Clothes On Your Birthday

Old Navy will give you a cute little birthday surprise if you register on their website! The gift is a complete mystery and it may be something little or something huge so don't miss out!

5. Get Free Coffee On Your Birthday

For those coffee lovers, Starbucks has this great deal where you get a free drink on your birthday if you are registered with them online! Their coffee is great and you will have a delicious treat to start your day!

6. Get Free Ice Cream On Your Birthday

Oh yes, the perfect treat for summer babies is always ice cream! Well, you can actually get free ice cream at Baskin Robbins on your birthday! It's as easy as tying your shoes! Just give them your email and on every birthday you will be filled with ice cream.

7. Get A Free Sombrero On Your Birthday

For a silly birthday time, head to 3 Amigos on your birthday! Not only to you can get a free slice of cake, but also a sombrero! So make sure everyone knows it's your birthday as you walk through down town Montreal.

8. Get 15% Off At American Eagle On Your Birthday

If you enjoy shopping at American Eagle, then you definitely need to go on your birthday! They have a birthday special where you get 15% off everything in store. So don't pay taxes on your birthday this year and every year after that!

9. Get Free Lingerie On Your Birthday

If you happen to have a La Senza card, it costs about 10 dollars and trust a former employee, it is totally worth it! Not only do you get 10% off every purchase, but on your birthday you also get a free gift in store! This is fabulous and you will be looking sexy on your special day.

10.Get Free Point On Your Birthday

Oh yes, my second favorite so far has to be the free optimum points that you receive on your birthday! With any purchase over 30 dollars, you receive 8,000 points which is worth 10 dollars! So get those essentials you need for your birthday celebrations.

11. Get Free Tanning Sessions On Your Birthday

If you enjoy tanning, then check out Bronzage Total Eclipse on your birthday! They will give you 10 free minutes of tanning so that you can look golden on your birthday!

12. Get Free Boost Drinks On Your Birthday

Be in the best health on your birthday and get your vitamin boost. It's free on your birthday at Booster Juice so you will feel 100% all day until you get totally smashed at night!

13. Get A Free Paint Balling Experience On Your Birthday

If you want to do a fun activity for your birthday, then why not check out Skorpion Paintball for free paint balling! It's located right in Laval and it is totally free on your birthday! So, I suggest gathering some friends and having a great time paint balling!

14. Get Free Desert On Your Birthday

Check out The Keg on your birthday and enjoy a complimentary delicious piece of cake! You get a yummy free piece of Billy Miner pie and common, who wouldn't want't free pie on their birthday!

15. Get Free Frozen Yogurt On Your Birthday

Ou yummy! What's better than free ice cream on your birthday? FREE FROZEN YOGURT! At Menchies you can get a free delicious treat on your birthday! They have amazing flavors and the best toppings to decorate your yogurt and birthday!

16. Get 50% Off Your Breakfast On Your Birthday

If you just adore breakfast like me, then I recommend heading to Tutti Fruiti for 50% off your birthday brunch! Start your birthday off right by having a fabulous breakfast with all your friends at a low cost! It yummy for everyone!

17. Get Free Tea On Your Birthday

For those who love tea, unlike me, I suggest heading to David's Tea on your birthday for a delightful free drink! You can choose from anyone of their flavors and enjoy a smooth drinking cup of tea.

18. Get 10$ Off Body Care Products On Your Birthday

If you are always attracted by the majestic scents that come from The Body Shop but you are always to intimidated to go in, break that and go on your birthday! Do you want to know why? Because they give you 10 dollars off everything in store just for you on your special day!