18 Best Montreal Restaurants You Can Get Nachos

You'll notice that this is 'Nacho' typical list.

Yummy in everybody's tummy! Nachos are truly delicious and Montreal happens to offer amazing nacho restaurants. Most people think of nachos as an entrée but you will want all these dishes as your main meal! The restaurants listed below have the best nachos that include, melted cheese, salsa, avocados, black beans, and much more.

I can promise you that you won't have soggy nachos if you go to one of these Montreal restaurants. These Mexican style nachos are all absolutely delicious and will warm your heart. They all offer authentic home style nachos  with many different toppings. So get your nacho game on and head to one of these Montreal restaurants.

1. Lola Rosa Milton

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545 rue Milton, Montreal

For a homestyle plate of nachos that has vegan options, then I suggest checking out Lola Rosa Milton. They have a rich welcoming ambience with delicious nachos that have mountains of toppings. It is a great place to stimulate your taste buds with some buds.


2. Mesa 14

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1425 Rue Bishop, Montréal

For a great night out with some friends, check out my personal favourite place Mesa 14. If you and a group of friends are looking for some great nachos and a great, time then I strongly recommend Mesa 14. They have crispy nachos with amazing salsa! The service is always great and the nachos will make your mouth water! I get the Nacho Del Patron which comes with fresh chicken, cheese, and any other toppings of your choice.


3. Nacho Libre

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913 Rue Beaubien E

If you haven't had nachos at Nacho Libre then you haven't lived! Nacho Libre has the best nachos! The tortilla chips are perfectly baked and everything is always fresh and delicious. They have chicken, beef, vegetarian, and chorizo nachos that are ready for your eating. Their cheese is creamy and don't worry, your chips won't get soggy. So if you are looking for great nachos and a drink afterwards, I suggest checking them out for sure!


4. Escondite

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1206 Avenue Union

If you have an artsy BFF then I strongly recommend bringing them to Escondite for delicious nachos and an artsy time! They have great drinks, the best nachos, and a fab ambience. Their food is truly unique just like the art is that surrounds the restaurant at every corner.


5. Maria Bonita

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5269 Avenue Casgrain

Feel like you are actually in South America and check out Maria Bonita for a variety of wild nachos. These truly are some gourmet nachos that are fun for everyone. You like salsa? THEY GOT IT. You like guacamole? THEY GOT IT. You like sour creme? THEY GOT IT. Now it's time for you to get there!


6. La Tamalera

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226 Avenue Fairmount O

For fab nachos that are also offered as a vegetarian meal, check out La Tamalera. You are always served fresh guacamole and delightful nacho buckets. Your nacho buckets always come at a reasonable prices and I promise that you will enjoy the hipster ambience. So enjoy the freshness at La Tamalera with some of your BFFS!


7. La Capital Tacos

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1096 Saint-Laurent

For some simple home style nachos, I suggest checking out La Capital Tacos. Their speciality may be tacos but don't let that fool you... They have mouth watering nachos. They are typical served with original guacamole, crushed black beans, and roasted tortilla chips. So if you are constantly in search for that great black bean dip, then check them out. You won't be disappointed, instead you will probably get addicted!


8. Amaranto

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5974 Av de Monkland

For some fancy flower bowl nachos, I suggest heading down to Amaranto. They serve authentic Mexican food straight from Mexico city. They have such great backed nachos that are served in a cute restaurant that has a real cultural ambience to it.


9.  Ta Chido

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5611 Park Avenue

For a location that is literally fun for everyone, I strongly suggest checking out Ta Chido. Their ambience is weird, fun, and hipster since the restaurant is decorated with crazy toys and art work. They are best known for their cheesy goodness since everything is made by an authentic cuisine staff.


10. El Meson

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1678 Boul Saint-Joseph

For a true South American setting with delectable crisp nachos, then I suggest checking out El Meson located in Lachine. They have a superb terrace that looks on the Lachine canal giving you great views while you eat those yummy nachos!

11. Epazote & Haricot

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185 Avenue Dorval

If you are in search of some gourmet classy nachos, then I strongly recommend checking out Epazote & Haricot. They have such classy dishes that aren't only pretty too look at but also heavenly to eat. They have multiple dressings that are perfect for everyone.


12. T & T Tacos and Tortas

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51 Rue Rachel O

For that traditional taste of nachos straight from Mexico, check out T & T. They usually specialise in tacos and tortas but their nachos are honestly to die for! I recommend checking this place out with your friends and staying here after dinner to party a bit in a fun ambience.


13. Burrito Shop

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3686 Boul St-Laurent

If you miss your abuela's cooking, then I suggest checking out the Burrito Shop in Montreal! They use their abuela's recipes to make the tastiest nachos for you! They have the best chicken nachos that are full of deliciousness. I promise that you won't regret coming here for your nachos.


14. El Rey Del Taco

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232 Rue Jean-Talon E

For authentic Mexican tacos, hit up El Rey Del Taco! They have truly delicious nachos that are crunch with creamy cheese and multiple dipping sauces. Their tortilla chips happen to be multi-coloured and are not only super fun to look at but they are also super delicious! I can assure you that you will have a cheesy good time!


15. La Guadalupe Mexicain

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2345 Rue Ontario E

For an indoor scene with colourful murals all along the indoor, check out the hidden gem La Guadalupe Mexicain. They are super casual and they go back to their roots with some simple and delicious nachos. It's a hip place to check out with your friends this summer.


16. El Zaziummm

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1276 Avenue Laurier E

For a colourful and casual restaurant with exotic cocktails, check out


17. La Taqueria Mexicaine

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4306 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal

For a colourful hip time in Montreal's Le Plateau area, I suggest checking La Taqueria Mexicaine. It's a great place for yummy food and a fabulous ambience.


18. Next Door Pub

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5175 Rue Sherbrooke O

For an all in all great night, I strongly recommend checking out the Next Door Pub. They have great melted cheesy nachos that are absolutely to die for! Your heart will melt over their awesome nachos and you will have a great night afterwards with their cooling drinks and superb ambience.


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