18 Brutally Honest Opinions About Canada From Around The World

The good, the bad, and a couple about our geese.
18 Brutally Honest Opinions About Canada From Around The World

Okay, so we all know Canada is generally well-liked around the globe. We haven't really gotten into too much trouble on the world stage (unless you count the whole thing with China...) and some Americans have been known to travel with Canadian flags on their bags to get less grief while traveling. 

Even still, the Internet, the place of every opinion, and some of the people below have some sassy stuff to say about our sovereign land. 

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TL;DR Here are twenty honest thoughts from Twitter and Reddit that show just how the rest of the world sees Canada and Canadians...

When looking for opinions on Canada, the first source is, of course, our dear neighbour, the U.S. of A.

canada is just diet america tbh

May 27, 2018

We know people from outside Canada might lowkey agree with this sentiment, but I think it might be okay to the be the "diet" version of whatever you guys have going on down there right now...

Oh Canada, Don’t you Canadians have better tweets to read ? Isn’t there something more newsworthy about Canadians or Canada to read ? Do Canadians know their tax money subsidizes their news & media companies. Canadians are blinded by their own Government. Eh ? @JustinTrudeaupic.twitter.com/YrGqQtcRvI

December 27, 2018

While part of me thinks he has a point, it's also pretty ignorant to think we would benefit from being purposefully ignorant of what's going on in the States... what with their impact on us and all...

This confession below is by someone from France, commenting on his "cousins," the Québécois...

Via Reddit.com

With some of these comments, it's hard to tell if the poster is serious or if they're trolling, trying to get a rise out of us...

Canadians are too fucking polite. It’s sickening. Even the crazy person talking to himself ASKED me if I wanted to fight instead of just getting in my face like an American

December 31, 2018

Or maybe they're just kinda... salty?

Those Canadians are so sneaky - always trying to make us look bad with their unfailing politeness.

June 10, 2018

Either way, we can tell it's mostly in good fun.

Via Reddit.com

There was also a lot of talk about geese - which we obviously totally get.

I hate geese so much maybe trump is right about Canada tbh

June 10, 2018

Maybe because they spend half their year down south in Florida, the Canadian politeness fades?

Because they have to protect themselves down there! What with all the guns and bath salts...

Me: Why are Canadian geese so mean? They're Canadian. Shouldn't they be apologizing?
Canadian friend: But see, Canadians are so nice because we turn all our terrible people into geese.

October 1, 2018

Okay, this is a theory I can get behind. Bad Canadians are all reincarnated as Canada geese in their next life. 

While there's little appreciation for our nation's geese, our poutine is still  revered around the world...

Tbh my favorite part of Canada is the poutine

October 14, 2016

I wasn't sure if that was a full compliment or... kind of a backhanded one? But I'm going to take it, cause sometimes poutine is my favourite part of Canada, too.

Via Reddit.com

This was another insightful comment on Canada's collective bullshit-meter. But, what is this about our cities giving American cities hugs? I'm confused.

Moving away from the States for a moment, Denmark also learned recently that,  while we might be polite, all's fair in love and hockey...

When people think Canadians are so polite, and then look at the #WorldJuniors game vs Denmark pic.twitter.com/M84Ft0Food

December 27, 2018

But it wasn't all funny observations and semi-compliments. There were some harsh words, too...

Via Reddit.com

Ouch... they must have met a Torontonian...

(You guys know I'm kidding, right?)

Canadians are so goddamn smug about not dying because they can’t afford medical insurance.

December 28, 2018

This is... confusing. Would it be more of a mark of pride to... not have universal health care? And instead... make individuals pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical attention when they suddenly fall ill?

 I couldn't help but feel personally attacked by this next one...

Via Reddit.com

And I never thought we could be schooled in the apologizing game, but then again, Britain does have hundreds of years of politeness on us, so this one kinda stings:

As a Brit I must humbly apologise for this but Canadians are weak in the apologising game.

December 30, 2018

I had to include this one below because we recently wrote about this condom recall...

Canadians are so dumb they can’t use a condom right oh jeez. pic.twitter.com/FAVyRLAI0k

December 29, 2018

I don't know how individual use impacted this whole recall thing, so I think this guy was just looking for a reason to hate...

But at the end of the day, I think we've maintained our reputation.

Via Reddit.com

And more than anything, there was a lot of love...

I'm proud to know we've given this young soul such beautiful memories. And even after reading all these confessions, I'm still proud to be Canadian.

We might have a lot of areas where we can still improve, there's no question about that. But all in all, we try our best to treat each other, and anyone we meet, with respect and love. 

Not a bad impression to leave on the world, in my opinion.

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