18 Bucket List Montreal Restaurants Every Tourist Needs To Try

Get yourself to these spots ASAP.
18 Bucket List Montreal Restaurants Every Tourist Needs To Try

TBH, Montreal is probably the best place to go if you're a food lover. Our dining scene is one of the best in the world, in my opinion, bar none.

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And if you're going to be visiting the city soon, then there are some places you're going to want to check out to absolutely prove that fact. Don't even know where to begin? No worries, that's what I'm for.

1. Lawrence

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5201 Boul St-Laurent

One word, guys: tartare. There's a reason why Lawrence is so popular in the city; and let's just say that if you want to try some of the best tartare you've ever had, then you totally need to get yourself here. ASAP.


2. Cadet

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1431 Boul St-Laurent

Opened by the same team behind Bouillon Bilk, Cadet is a little bit more casual, but with all the awesome food and tasty dishes you've become accustomed to by its sister restaurant.


3. Sumac

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3618 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Fresh and tasty food, anyone? Sumac is a Sud-Ouest restaurant focuing on the freshest and yummiest Middle-Eastern food this side of the city. Protip, try their falafels. OMG.


4. Butterblume

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5836 Boul St-Laurent

One of the newer additions to Montreal's food scene, Butterblume has been making some huge waves due to its adorable decor and its super delicious food. Their zucchini toast, with zucchini cream and a poached egg, is legit to die for.


5. Au Pied De Cochon

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536 Avenue Duluth E

If you're in the city, you've got to try out Au Pied De Cochon. Although all of their dishes are notoriously delicious, they're most famous for their foie gras poutine, which pretty much elevates you to a whole other level of food heaven.


6. Hao

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255 Rue Rachel E

Bao bun lovers, rejoice. You'll find some of the tastiest, fluffiest bao buns you could ever eat at this small Plateau spot, which boasts a trendy and minimalistic ambiance to boot.


7. Candide

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551 Rue Saint Martin

One of the hottest restaurants in the city right now, it's no wonder why the super romantic Candide has gotten so popular. While their ambiance is on point, the food here? Yeah. A whole other level of awesome.


8. Inferno

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6850 Rue Saint-Dominique

Market fresh ingredients meets delicious Italian dishes? How can you possibly go wrong?


9. Jatoba

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1184 Place Phillips

This classy and gorgeous Montreal Asian restaurant is an instant favourite for any and all who step foot in here. Why is that? Well, their high quality and incredibly tasty food, trendy ambiance, and gorgeous atmopshere might have a little something to do with it.


10. Le Chien Fumant

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4710 Rue De Lanaudière

Down for some homemade charcuteries, tasty food, and a seriously trendy vibes? Then look no further than this awesome Plateau spot.


11. Decarie Hot Dog

Hot Dog & AUTHENTIC Poutine from the legendary Décarie in #Montreal! Risked missing our flight for this, but was SO worth it! ?? #EatWithKirk

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953 Boulevard Décarie

A Montreal institution for steamies and poutines, there's absolutely no going wrong in copping a Montreal steamed hot dog (with all the fixings!) and the world's best treat (poutine, obvs) at this Ville St. Laurent landmark.


12. Smoke Meat Pete

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283 1st Ave

Although this spot might be tucked away in Montreal's West Island, trust me when I say it's more than worth the trip. The smoked meat here is beyond amazing... Plus, it's the perfect excuse to explore the West.


13. La Habanera

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1216 Avenue Union

Cuban food aficionados, La Habanera is pretty much going to be your brand new fave. Bonus points for their tasty food and unique dishes, as well as their super trendy-yet-casual vibe.


14. Beatrice

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1504 Rue Sherbrooke O

This well-known Italian food spot, located in downtown Montreal, is renowned for its glamorous and gorgeous decor, and its spectacular food. Winning on all counts? Yassss.


15. Le Serpent

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257 Rue Prince

A trendy and incredibly beautiful spot to nosh on your favourite dishes, Le Serpent is absolutely not to be missed on your next visit to Montreal.


16. Joe Beef

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2491 Rue Notre-Dame O

A Montreal classic, Joe Beef absolutely needs to be on your list of spots to go to - and once you're there, you totally need to try their out of this world lobster pasta.


17. HVOR

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1414 Rue Notre-Dame O

One of the newers restaurants in Montreal, this spot boasts garden fresh food and customized menues. All the yums? You know it.


18. Park

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378 Avenue Victoria

This restaurant is synonymous with "great sushi" in Montreal, and if you've ever been here, then you know exactly why. High quality ingredients come together to create dishes that are straight-up awesome, and honestly, if you're visiting the city, you need to stop by this Westmount spot.


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