17 Hottest Montreal Guys On Tinder This Week

You're guaranteed to swipe right.
17 Hottest Montreal Guys On Tinder This Week

Tinder is weird, sometimes you open it up and you're bombarded with so many irresistible guys you waste all your "likes" in 5 minutes, and sometimes you get stuck scrolling through an endless sea of left swipes.

Well in case you're stuck in one of those bad streaks we're here to remind you that there are still some pretty hot guys out there and here are some of the ones you should be on the lookout for this week!


So jealous of that window.

Gotta love that smile.

Netflix and chill? 


I think we've met before. 

He looks so f-ing sweet. 

Helloooooooo. The camera loves you ... and so do I.

Cute, but where are you? 

In case you're into the hipster glasses. 

Un vrai bucheron. 

Hot guy + Dog + Beautiful Scenery = Win

What mountains? 

We forgive you for the selfie stick.

A Quebec TV star! 

No need for that coat.

So I'll just quit my job and we can travel the world together. K?