18 Insane Things To Do In Montreal This Spring If You Don’t Drink

Thirsty for the sun!
18 Insane Things To Do In Montreal This Spring If You Don’t Drink

Everyone loves to celebrate spring since the cold is gone and the sun is shining! Most people celebrate with Sangria, but if you happen to be one of those people who just hates drinking, I suggest planning one of these amazing ideas I have in store for you! There is something on this list for everyone so make sure you find the one you love the most!

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These activities are just as much fun as drinking and if you are worried that your friends are going to be bored if they are not drinking well... DON'T EVEN WORRY! These activities are so fun and honestly spectacular in the sense that you get to enjoy spring in a whole new way.

1. Forget About Drinks And Go Surfing This Spring

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Suite 01, 9520 Boulevard Leduc

Summer is never over! If you happen to be a Montrealer that just can't get enough of summer, I suggest heading to Oasis Surf if you want to celebrate the nice weather! It's honestly amazing!


2. Forget About Drinks And Go Swinging On The 21 Balançoires This Spring

21 Balançoires | Daily tous les jours Installation musicale située sur la promenade des Artistes! 🎶 #21balançoires #musicalswings #placedesarts

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The 21 Balancoires/21 Swings exhibit is basically 21 musical, lighted swings installed at Montreal's Quartier Des Spectacles, on the Promenade Des Artistes. You can swing you spring away and forget about swinging down drinks while enjoying the fresh air!

3. Forget About Drinks And Go To The Butterflies Go Free Exhibit This Spring

#butterflies #flowers #Montréal #nature #spring #botanicalgardens

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From February 23 to April 30, you can step into the almost spa-like setting of the Main Exhibition Greenhouse, where the heat and the flowers’ sweet fragrance help you forget winter. All around you, hundreds of colorful butterflies flit joyously about amidst the lush greenery, filling you with a sense of lightness and inviting you to relax. So, enjoy spring at the cost of only $15 without wasting any money on drinks.

4. Forget About Drinks And Go Biking Along The Lachine Canal This Spring

Montreal's beautiful Lachine Canal on a hot summer day 🚴🏼🌳🌊 #Montreal #mycity #lachinecanal #bikelife #biking #hot #summer #fun #activities

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Enjoy the sunshine we are going to have this spring (STOP THE RAIN) by going biking along the Lachine Canal. It is absolutely stunning and a great way to stay active with your friends and still have fun without alcohol in sight.

5. Forget About Drinks And Go To The Food Truck Festival This Spring

4141 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave

Starting on May 5th, every first Friday of the month will be met with dozens of food trucks! So, instead of drinking, you can distract yourself with AMAZING food!


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6. Forget About Drinks And Go To Atwater Market This Spring

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You will be surprised on just how much time you can spend at Atwater Market, especially in the nice weather of spring! It is literally my happy place and they always have so many fresh foods and activities that drinks are never even considered.

7. Forget About Drinks And Go Hike Mount-Royal This Spring

Montréal !! #pimjoetravel

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If you are more on the active side, why not gather some of your friends for an early morning hike or a late night hike to watch the sunset! Not only will you stay fit, but you will also have a gorgeous view of the city!

8. Forget About Drinks And Go Get Free Entrance To Over 30 Montreal Museums This Spring

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Why not check out the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to see their spectacular spring exhibits, FOR FREE! This is a win-win situation, you don't have to spend any money and you get to walk around and view beautiful pieces of art.


9. Forget About Drinks And Go To La Diperie This Spring

Qui a hâte �, l'été...pour déguster de la crème glacée! 😋🤗🍦// 📷: @jessicalalumiere #narcitymontreal

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68 Ave des Pins E

Instead of drinking sangria this summer, why not quench your sweet tooth with some delicious ice cream from La Diperie! They are probably the most famous ice cream shop in all of Montreal, so spring wouldn't be complete without it.


10. Forget About Drinks And Go To Hot Yoga This Spring

Find balance on and off the mat #ensoyoga #yoga #pilates #motivation #montreal #sweatlife #joblove #yogaeverydamnday #balance

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1470 Rue Peel #100, Montréal

Another way to sit back and relax this spring is by doing some yoga. Yoga is a great way to relax and release stress. I suggest going to one of Montreal’s many yoga studios. My personal favorite is hot yoga at Ensō where you sweat your stress away and work hard for that summer bod'.


12. Forget About Drinks And Go To An Outdoor Spa This Spring

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Vieux-Port de Montréal, Entrée McGill Coin De la Commune et McGill

When you and your girls just need an excuse to go to the spa and chill out, make the gorgeous spring weather that excuse! At Bota Bota you can enjoy a relaxing time for your closest friends under the nice spring sun!


13. Forget About Drinks And Go Horseback Riding This Spring

horse riding date with my country gal @bzakrzewski 💗🐎

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1271 Chemin Saint Louis, Saint-Lazare

If animals are your thing instead of drinks, then I suggest heading down to St. Lazare! It's only 15 minutes away from Down Town Montreal and it's perfect for a nice spring stroll while being mounted on a gorgeous horse!


14. Forget About Drinks And Go To Parachute Montreal This Spring

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Well, for those who love thrills, why not have the ultimate adrenaline rush by going skydiving! Parachute Montreal is very safe and a perfect place for the ultimate way to kick off spring.


15. Forget About Drinks And Go To Le Ceramic Cafe This Spring

Mugs + paint 🎨 for a cloudy day.

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4338 St Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2K8

If you want to spend spring by relaxing but you don't always have money to go to a spa, then head down to the Ceramic Cafe! You can enjoy a lovely painting experience with some coffee on a nice raining spring day.


16. Forget About Drinks And Go To Piknic Électronik This Spring

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OK, I know what you are all thinking... Who would go to Piknic and not drink? And the answer is simple, you don't have to if you want to have a good time! You can have just as much fun sober while soaking up the insane ambiance. You can expect Piknic to start in mid May.

17. Forget About Drinks And Go Pole Dancing This Spring

Great things never come from comfort zones! Push your limits and practice tonight at Pole Gym Basic & Acro Floor ✨

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50 Rue Saint-Jacques

If you and your friends love trying new things, then I recommend trying pole dancing! It's an absolute blast and a great way to share some good laughs.


18. Forget About Drinks And Go Have High Tea This Spring

Parce que des journées de même, j'en prendrais tout le temps ! 🍰🎂

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10 Place Phillips

Have the ultimate hightea experience with some of your friend to celebrate spring. If you love feeling classy, then high tea is the perfect option for you! You can drink up except it's tea and not wine!


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