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18 Montreal Restaurants With Valentine’s Day Deals For Under $50

You'll 'love' these.
18 Montreal Restaurants With Valentine’s Day Deals For Under $50

It might sound a little too early to start planning the PERFECT Valentine’s Day date but let’s be honest, IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY! In fact, if you are planning to make restaurant reservations then you better start booking. Yes, it's no secret that we all love food that costs about $200 but let's be honest, NO ONE loves to dish out that kind of money on food for one night!

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In fact, what most people do not know is that Montreal is home to SUPERB restaurants that serve even BETTER food than those that will cost you an arm and a leg for under $50! So, to help you guys out, I have composed a list of all the places you and your Valentine can go to for a great deal and dish this February the 14th! It's time to stop going to those restaurants with the $$$ signs when you look them up and instead it's time to check out these affordable MTL gems.

1. Seal The Deal At Toyo This Valentine's Day

via @tripes_n_caviar

2155 Rue de la Montagne

One of my personal favourite locations for a Valentine's date is Toyo in Down Town Montreal. They specialise in Teppanyaki cuisine where they put on a show while making your food. This is a great way to laugh and remain entertained while on a date with your potential BF or GF. Not only do the chefs put on a show, but the chefs are also super interactive with your table! For a full meal including absolutely everything, it only costs between 20-40$.


2. Seal The Deal At Cinko This Valentine's Day

via @lifeofwy

1641 Rue Saint-Denis

This spot has a crazy variety of great foods! Not only is it a great place for mValentine's day because of all the superb food, but it's also very affordable! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on one dish, at Cinko you can order multiple dishes for cheap! They’ve got a hugely extensive menu, with things like nachos, vegetarian chili, Portuguese chicken, and gravlax salad; and they’ve also got different price variations, too. So, for $5, $7, or $9, you can fine dine on Valentine's day.


3. Seal The Deal At L'Gros Luxe This Valentine's Day

via @lgrosluxe


L’Gros Luxe never disappoints! Not only can you order several dishes and expect nothing less than heaven on a plate, but you won't break the bank this Valentine's day! Their menu is fairly cheap so you can impress your date by telling her to order as many things as they like! You can definitely expect the bill to be under $50


4. Seal The Deal At Per Te This Valentine's Day

via @restaurant_per_te

Montreal, QC, H2P 1M7

For $50, you and your date can enjoy a beautiful 3-course meal! The entrees are either shrimp or fettuccini with a main dish of fish or duck and a lovely chocolate desert!


 5. Seal The Deal At Le Pier 66 This Valentine's Day

via @annstyfe

361 Rue Bernard O

For $44 per person, you and your date can enjoy a lovely meal of caviar, fish, and other seafood delights! This begins February 10th and lasts until the 14th, trust me you Valentine will be impressed!


6. Seal The Deal At Le Grand Comptoir This Valentine's Day

via @yecats912

1225 Rue Du Square Phillips

For $35 per person, you and your stunning date can enjoy from French delights! Their main dishes include escargot, salmon, or a pork filet! But don;t forget, you also have entrees and a desert! Here is a preview of their menu:

Day soup

Snails in artichokes or

Day pâté

Salmon of the Atlantic Ocean burned(blown) out in the Provençal or

Bib in the shallot or

Sirloin in the mustard

Day dessert

Coffee(Café) or tea


7. Seal The Deal At Chez Victoire This Valentine's Day

via @chezvictoire

1453 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Now, for a 5-course meal, you and your date might go a bit over budget considering that Chez Victoire is offering a great deal of $60! Now, I know this is not exactly under $50, but for a five-course meal, I think we can splurge the extra $10! Here is just a preview of their Menu:

Service 1

FRIED SCALLOP miso / syrup of maple - rabiole - green onion

In agreement: Pouilly-Fuissé on 2014 Castle of Rontets, slept off Clos Varambon, Chardonnay(Chardonnays)


TERRINE OF FOIE GRAS - (extra(special) 10 $) cocoa - Morello cherry - brioche bread

In agreement: sparkling natural Domain Line, slept off Borderline (+ $12)


Service 2

BURNED(BLOWN) OUT PASTRAMI smoked mustard - frost(gel) of pickles - mustard seed - horseradish

In agreement: Conca de Barberà 2015 Cellar Carlania ' El Petit Carlania ', trepat

Service 3

NET OF VACUUM COOKED SUCKLING PIG crousti-tender paunch - crushed by Jerusalem artichokes - grilled squid

In agreement: Colombia Gorge on 2013 Swick wines, slept off undergrowth, pinot noir

Service 4

SAINT-MARCELLIN house corn bread - Flabbergasted(puffed) rye - yuzu freshly - coat with breadcrumbs

In agreement: Colli piancentini on 2014 Denavolo ' Catavela ', malvasia and ortrugo ( orange wine)

Service 5

CHOCOLATE BAR DULCEY sea-buckthorns - pull(fire) sponge - Yoghurt bufflonne - sapote

In agreement: Maury 2013 Earth of Fagayra, grenache white and grey


8. Seal The Deal At Carte Blanche This Valentine's Day

via @unsoiramontreal

1159 Rue Ontario E

For exactly $50, you and your special someone can enjoy a truly "fine dining" experience! Here is merely a preview of their SUPERB Valentine's Day Menu for February 10, 11 and 14!

Cream of green asparagus cappuccino style, toasted almonds Atlantic salmon gravlax in a dill, mustard and maple sauce Poppy crusted foie gras “au torchon”, brioche bread and blueberry onion confit

• • •

Sautéed octopus Mediterranean style, basmati rice Grilled fillet of beef, potato gratin and

• • •

Heart shaped dark chocolate with Guayaquil chocolate mousse, Heart shaped dark chocolate with Guayaquil chocolate mousse, griotte and golden leaf Baked Alaska


9. Seal The Deal At Cafe Lola Rosa This Valentine's Day

via @vivienzilber

4581 Av du Parc

For a vegetarian or vegan Valentine date, I suggest treating them to Lola Rosa! Here they can enjoy delightful dishes of salsas and Mexican-inspired treats! Your special someone will absolutely love it and the bill should be under $40!


10. Seal The Deal At La Prunelle This Valentine's Day

via @glalancette

327 Duluth

Now, once again you might find yourself going over, just slightly, the $50 price limit but come on, who doesn't want to enjoy a 6 course meal with the person they love for only $65! Here is a preview of your soon to be meal on Valentine's day:

Pétoncle princesse




Hello Tuna


Pavé de cerf

and dessert


11. Seal The Deal At SIX Resto Lounge This Valentine's Day

via @hyattregencymtl

1255 Jeanne Mance

For $40 a person, you and your date can enjoy a lovely dinner at SIX this Valentine's day! Their menu is truly impecable for check out this preview below:

Scallop on a shell, algue salad & clementine preserve

Cream of fresh celeriac & Madagascar vanilla oil OR

Cube of salmon gravlax marinated with red beets OR

Warm lobster salad

Braised Beef with red wine jus, mashed & roasted carrots, hazelnut buttered cabbage OR

Halibut fillet, sweet potato and braised fennel OR

Cavatelli pasta with wild mushroom and mascarpone cream sauce

Selection of local Portneuf cheese

Melting heart of caramel & fleur de sel

Coffee or Tea


12. Seal The Deal At C'choColat This Valentine's Day

via @kate_rynka

1255 Rue Bishop

Ah yes, the famous chocolate bomb is 100% a desert that you and your date need to treat yourselves to on Valentine's day! Not only is it super amazing to watch like in the video above, but it is also crazy good! This is a chocolate shop in downtown Montreal that is made for those sweet lovers who are running on a budget. I know it is not really a restaurant, but going out for dessert is just as good!


13. Seal The Deal At Qing Hua Dumpling This Valentine's Day

via @jojodurepos

1676 Avenue Lincoln

For under $40, you and your Valentine can enjoy some flavourful soup dumplings that will blow your minds! Not only is it an affordable option for those who are tight on money but still want to treat the one they love, but it's CRAZY GOOD! The soup dumplings at Qing Hua is truly marvelous and your wallet will be almost as happy as your and your date will be.

14. Seal The Deal At Satay Brothers This Valentine's Day

via @jhenaay

721 Notre Dame Ouest

Singaporean cuisine sure is incredible! Especially when it's from Satay Brothers! Their menu has a large variety of affordable delights. They are most known for the laksa soup which is priced at only $11.99. So, you and your Valentine can 100% have a great dining experience this Feburary 14th!


15. Seal The Deal At Menthe et Couscous This Valentine's Day

via @foodora_ca

361 Rue Émery

If Moroccan food is your forte, then Menthe Et Couscous is the place for you! Everything is super fresh and their couscous is to die for. This is a great location for a Valentine's day dinner since the ambience is fun and filled with beauty. They have live belly dancers that come it to pair with your amazing food.Plus, on Valentine's day, their menu is 50% off so it should be about $40 per person!


16. Seal The Deal At Gia Ba This Valentine's Day

via @foodie.nast

5766 Av de Monkland

For under $50, you and your Date on Valentine's day can enjoy a truly delectable meal at Gia Ba! Not only is it very cute and casual, but it is also very cheap! You and that special someone can order multiple dishes and expect to pay under $50! For example, a main dish such as Salt & Pepper Jumbo Tiger Shrimps won't go over $18.


17. Seal The Deal At L’Entrepôt Mont-Royal This Valentine's Day

via @mtldelices

1019 Mont-Royal

Another “$5 for everything” restaurant happens to be L’Entrepôt Mont-Royal! It is very similar to Cinko and offers great meals at a cheap price so that you and your date can save and spend on a nice vacation while enjoying a Valentine's day treat!


18. Seal The Deal At Yokato Yokabai This Valentine's Day


4185 Drolet

If you and your Valentine Love ramen, then Yokato Yokabai is 100% the place to be! This is definitely the best Japanese restaurant in Montreal if you love ramen! It's a great place for dinner on Valentine's day especially since but you won’t spend much more than $15 for a giant below of incredible ramen soup.


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