The Best Parts About Being Ugly

You're less likely to be kidnapped, no one will pay your ransom.
The Best Parts About Being Ugly

A wise man once said: " I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is."

The truth is that anyone on this quest is in for a big surprise. Being ugly is pretty fuckin' awesome. Sure being hot has it's advantages, but you go through life living in a bubble where everyone treats you a certain way because of the way you look.

But as you'll see in a moment, being ugly has it's own advantages.

1. "No one will pay your ransom. Therefore less likely to be kidnapped."


2. "There's never a question of my ability. Nobody's keeping me around for my good looks."


3. "STD's are more difficult to get."


4. "My phone battery lasts a really long time."


5. "There is a girl at my college known for sleeping around a lot. About a year ago, I was drunk at a bar and saw her there. She saw me and she asked to dance.  After about 4 songs worth of grinding or so, she quickly says "I have to go". I assumed she had a moment of clarity and left. She didn't go to the bar or any party for the rest of the semester. She made dean's list that semester. She hit rock bottom by simply dancing with me and it was enough to truly change her life."


6. "Get to play tinder on hardcore mode."


7. "Never have to wonder: does she like me?"


8. "If you're an introvert, less people will make an effort to talk to you!"


9. "The debilitating self-esteem issues make people think you're quirky."


 10. "You'll be awesome at World of Warcraft."


11. "Being invisible in public. This is great for people watching and generally not being bothered. I don't feel much pressure to put a lot of effort into my appearance, so I can wear comfortable clothes and become visual "background noise."


12. "When you end up with a hot girl all of your friends are really impressed."


 13. "People laugh at your jokes for real."


14. "There's nothing to lose. Can't dance? Fuck it, get out there and dance like you want to, you aren't gonna spoil any chances of getting laid."


15. "Don't have to worry about someone sitting next to you on the bus, soak up all that room."


16. "I'm not as afraid of getting old. Attractive people have more to lose and seem to know it."


17. "My boyfriend doesn't get jealous when I go out with my male friends because he knows I'm too unattractive for them to hit on me."


 18. "You can use self-deprecating humor. That kind of thing doesn't really work of you're a stunner. Imagine Olivia Wilde making Any Schumer jokes. Doesn't work."


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