18 Most Scenic Hikes In Quebec For Beginners, Enthusiasts, And Experts

Extraordinary views!
18 Most Scenic Hikes In Quebec For Beginners, Enthusiasts, And Experts

It sure is spectacular to do an expert hike in the summer, but what you didn't know is that it is just as fantastic to hike some easy trails with magical views. If you are a beginner then easy trails are great for you and don't worry, they are just as beautiful. Enthusiasts are usually more on the intermediate side of things while experts go all out and hike for hours! 

Now, you may be wondering where you fit into this and if there are even that many SCENIC trails in Quebec. The truth is that everyone can complete at least one category of these hikes... Plus, there are dozens of hiking trails right here in Quebec that offer amazing views that make great pictures and memories.

Scenic Quebec Hikes For Beginners:

18. Les Cascades Trail - La Mauricie National Park, QC

Length: 2.1 km (round-trip)

Time: One hour

Hike around maple trees, streams, and marshes as you enjoy a beautiful summer and scenic evening in Quebec.

17. Champlain Trail - Gatineau Park, QC

Length: 1.3 km

Time: 30 minutes

For a quick and easy hike, I suggest heading to Gatineau Park for the Champlain Lookout it's absolutely amazing.

16. île Nue de Mingan - Mingan Archipelago National Park, QC

Length: 8.3 km (loop around the island) 

Time: 3.5 hours

Hike around the beautiful “barrens” of the île Nue de Mingan! This tundra-style landscape offers fabulous views as you hike your worries away, it's a great place for a nice workout.

15. Pingualuit Crater -Parc national des Pingualuit, QC

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Length: 2.5 km

Hike around the meteor crater which measures 3.4 km in diameter and that has been there 1.4 million years!

14. Parc de la Gorge - Coaticook, QC

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Length: Two hours

Enjoy gorgeous views of the suspension bridge, boardwalks, and sections that open up to amazing views of the gorge.

13. Des Trois-Etangs Loop in Mont-Orford National Park - Orford, QC

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Length: Two hours

Part of this hike goes along the cycling path and passes 3 of the park’s ponds: Étang Martin, Étang du Milieu and Étang de l'Ours.

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Scenic Quebec Hikes For Enthusiasts:

12. Les Caps - Parc national Fjord du Saguenay, QC

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Length: 18 km (round-trip)

Time: Nine hours

Accessible year-round, has truly majestic views of Saguenay. You can hike the full circuit to Cap Eternite, or just take the first 10.2 km (four to five hours) to the Geant Lookout.

11. Vallée Bras du Nord - Saint Raymond, QC

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Length: 80 km (total)

Bring all your friends to come and check out this superb hiking trail. Not only does it offer spectacular views, but it is also family friendly.

10. Les Rapides - Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie, QC

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Length: 3.30 hours

Hikers and cyclists share the first part of this trail. It runs alongside Rivière Malbaie, and in several spots you can feel the trembling the rapids were named for. You can take this trail from Le Cran campground to Le Draveur Visitors Centre, passing by Le Pin-Blanc campground. 

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9. La Traverse - Park national d'Aiguebelle, QC

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Length: Three km

Time: 1.5 hour

Not only do you have the most scenic views, but you will also hike over the 22-meter high suspension bridge! Trust me, the nature in this park is absolutely supreme. 

8. Les Grandes-Vallées - Parc National du Mont-Tremblant, QC

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Length: Two hours

Hiking is a very popular activity on our territory. From a short walk to a more athletic hike, our vast network of trails will show you the real wilderness of the Laurentian Mountains. For backpackers, the network has over 82 km of trails with 10 group huts that sleep from two to 18 people.

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7. Le Mont-Mégantic - Mont-Mégantic National Park, QC

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Length: Four to seven hours

This 10 km loop features some of the most gorgeous views at unbelievable heights that all hikers can appreciate. 

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Scenic Quebec Hikes For Experts:

6. L’Aventurier - Park national d'Aiguebelle, QC

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Length: 9.5 km (loop)

Time: 5.5 hours

This park offers great trails that even lead to a suspension bridge! The trail is full on in the middle of the wild.

5. Deux-Criques Trail - La Mauricie National Park, QC

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Length: 17 km (loop)

Time: Seven to eight hours

This hike deserves to be started early in the morning since it tends to be on the longer side. I promise that the views make it 100% worth it!

4.  Le Tour-du-Mont-Albert -Parc national de la Gaspésie, QC

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Length: Six to eight hours

Hikers can commune with nature on a vast array of trails, sometimes on an easy path in a valley and other times on a stark peak where the park’s mountainous terrain is plain for all to see. Trails stretch from 1 km to 17 km in length, ranging from easy to very difficult.

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3.  L'Acropole-des-Draveurs - Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie​​​​​​​, QC

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Length: Four to six hours

This trail takes you into the forest and up to the first mountain peak, after which you’ll be plunged into an alpine environment featuring plant life and fabulous vistas of the Rivière Malbaie valley and surrounding mountains.

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2. Les Trois-Sommets​​​​​​​ - Mont-Mégantic National Park, QC

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Length: Five to eight hours

This 15 km is a loop that features gorgeous views and spectacular hikes for those experts who love the climb. 

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1. Mont du Lac-des-Cygnes Trail - Parc national des Grands-Jardins, QC

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Length: Four hours

This hike offers stunning panoramas and fabulous views of mountains and diverse vegetation. 

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