18 Reasons Why New Zealand Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot In 2017

The thrill-seeker capital of the world!
18 Reasons Why New Zealand Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot In 2017

There are beautiful places to visit all across the globe, but I can honestly say that New Zealand is right up there with Switzerland in the top 5. Its always been a dream of mine to visit New Zealand for its natural beauty and adrenaline rush! I mean, it's literally the thrill-seeker capital of the world!

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So, to give you a little taste New Zealand, I have created a list of ALL the reasons why you should go! From the beautiful  Islands, glowing caves, and much more, I can guarantee that you will want to pack up all your things and move there! So, joing me this 2017 and explore New Zealand and its mytical beauty.

2. Visit New Zealand For Rere Falls Slip And Slide

Slip sliding away 💦

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#greatday #amazingplace #rerefalls #withbeautifulpeople #travelmore #lovenewzealand ❤

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5. Visit New Zealand For Glacier Trekking

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Mijn ochtend op een gletsjer doorgebracht, nadat we er met een helikoper heen gevlogen zijn #asyoudo 🚁❄

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6. Visit New Zealand For Cathedral Cove

Another early morning to beat the crowds. #nzmustdo #nz #newzealand

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New Zealand you were great, thanks for having me☀️🌞❤️

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8. Visit New Zealand For The World's Biggest Swing

Worlds biggest swing; conquered 😅 what a way to finish the NZ road trip 2900km later 😄 #nz #queenstown #nevisbungy #nevisswing #worldsbiggest

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10/10 would do again 😓😬 #queenstown #nevisswing #excusetheface

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9. Visit New Zealand For Sky Diving

Skydive var det vildeste nogensinde!!!🤘🏼✔️#19000ft #6km #adventuredk #newzealand #skydiving

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Being this high is illegal !!! No balls you won't ;)

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11. Visit New Zealand For The Lord of the Rings Tours

Just turned 20 and still the size of a hobbit #doublebirthdaycelebrations #vbandbrucey #newzealand #hobbiton

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Hobbit holes make me happy 😃#hobbiton #25thbirthday #bestdaywithmybestie #hobbithouse #theperfectfit #myfavouritehole #lol #travelling #newzealand

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13. Visit New Zealand For The Waitomo Glowworm Cave

Så här såg det ut när vi åkte båt i grottan för att kolla på glowworms. Lika fint som stjärnhimmeln✨

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HOLY SHIT!... yes, this is real. 😍😍😍 #❤️nz

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18. Visit New Zealand For Matapouri

Take a dip. #NZMustDo [📍Matapouri, Northland & Bay of Islands. 📷: @cristyrjones] #Travel #NewZealand #NZ #Nature

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#matapouri #newzealand #nz

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New Zealand is the thrill-seeker capital of the world. 🇳🇿#visitnewzealand #insidertravel

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